What to do if you are experiencing symptoms

Anybody with an acute respiratory disease must be tested for the new coronavirus.

  • Symptoms of acute respiratory disease (sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, chest pains)
  • Fever
  • Sudden loss of sense of taste and/or smell


  • Headache
  • General feeling of weakness, unwellness
  • Aching muscles
  • Head cold
  • Gastro-intestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach ache)
  • Skin rashes

If you suspect that your symptoms are not caused by the new coronavirus, you must contact a doctor or healthcare facility directly.

If you do the coronavirus check and it recommends that you are tested for COVID-19, please contact the number for medical emergencies (MNZ) tel. 061 261 15 15 or your general practitioner (GP) or paediatrician. The test for the new coronavirus will be conducted at the University Hospital of Basel or at the University Children's Hospital Basel (by appointment), by your doctor if necessary.
Please avoid public transport and wear a face mask.

Testing for the new coronavirus in the Canton of Basel-Stadt is normally done at the University Hospital of Basel without appointment at Klingelbergstrasse 30 (new testing and triage centre, TTC). Arrive in a private vehicle if possible, parking at Ausgang [exit] Schanzenstrasse. Opening hours weekdays, Monday to Friday from 09.00 until 17.00, Saturday and Sunday from 09.00 until 13.00. Tests for the new coronavirus in children are conducted at the University Children's Hospital Basel (UKBB). Referral by a paediatrician is usually required for tests at UKBB. Please do not travel on public transport to get to the hospital for testing.

Other medical practices and institutions also perform coronavirus swabbing. You can find a list below the last paragraph.

Avoid all contact with other people and, if possible, wear some form of mask or protective cover over your mouth and nose.

Anybody with an acute respiratory infection should start isolating as soon as their symptoms appear – either at home or where they live or in hospital, depending on the severity of their symptoms. If somebody tests positive for the virus, they must isolate for up to 48 hours after symptoms have disappeared, provided that at least 10 days have passed since symptoms began.

If your condition deteriorates, please contact your GP or call the number for medical emergencies, tel. 061 261 15 15. You must contact a doctor if any of the following warning signs appear: a fever that lasts for several days, a feeling of faintness that lasts for several days, breathing difficulties, a strong feeling of pressure or pain in the lungs, confusion that wasn’t there before, blue lips or a blue face.

People who have tested negative for coronavirus must stay at home for 24 hours after their symptoms have disappeared, as recommended for controlling the spread of other respiratory viruses (e.g. influenza).

For people with pre-existing conditions or aged over 65

The Federal Office of Public Health has clarified the definition ofat-risk groups. These people have the highest risk of becoming seriously ill. This group includes people aged over 65, pregnant women and people with identified serious pre-existing conditions (including treatment-resistant high blood pressure / with organ damage, serious heart diseases, chronic and serious respiratory diseases, brittle diabetes mellitus / consequential damage, serious illnesses and treatments that weaken the immune system, cancer and medical treatments for cancer, severe obesity (obesity, BMI of 40 kg/m2 or higher)).

These people should contact their GP immediately if they become ill. If you cannot reach your doctor, you should call the number for medical emergencies (tel. 061 261 15 15). Please tell them your symptoms and that you have an increased risk of illness. The doctor will then discuss with you what to do next.


List of medical practices and institutions that are conducting coronavirus swabbing

Below you will find a list of medical practices and institutions that offer testing for the new coronavirus, other than the new testing and triage centre (TTC, see above) of the University Hospital of Basel. Please note that some practices only test their own patients. In order to protect staff and other patients, we recommend that you call in advance. This does not apply to the TTC, mentioned above.

The list below is not exhaustive and will be continuously updated.

Ärztin / Arzt / Institution





Dr. med. Laurent Haas
Dr. med. Anna Barmet
Dr. med. Nadja Krawtschenko
Ergenekon Gökdemir, dipl. Arzt
Dr. med. Oliver Maric

BASELMED Hausarzt & Notfallpraxis   061 363 12 12 Öffnungszeiten: Mo - Fr: 08:00  bis -20:00 Uhr. Sa: 09:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

Dr. Sikander Jenne
Pract. Med. Christoph von der Burg
Dr. Suwad Sadikovic
Dr. Sebastian Herrgen
Dr. Udo Rehm
Dr. Christian Bennewitz

PREVOMED Medical Services

Hochbergerstrasse 70, 4057 Basel

061 561 77 80

Abstriche an den Standorten:

- Medical Center Rosental

- Medical Center Stücki Park

- Medical Center Novartis Campus

Tests an 7 Tagen der Woche / 365 Tagen im Jahr

Alters- und Pflegeheime, Wohnheime, Spitex, Arztpraxen oder Betriebe können 24/7 über die Gratisnummer: 0800 444 112 ein Abstrich-Team (mobiles Team) anfordern. Reaktionszeit 40 Minuten.

Dr. G. Nagel Hausarztpraxis
Dr. G. Nagel 
Burgfelderstrasse 200, 4055 Basel 061 322 10 22 Wochentagen 08:00 - 12:00 & 14:00 - 18:00 Uhr (APH 7 Tage/Woche) 
Dr. Türkoglu
Dr. Bär-Sickinger
Kinderarztpraxis St.Johann St Johanns-Vorstadt 22, 4056 Basel 061 261 86 81  

Dr. med. Julian Mettler
Dr. med. Thomas Link

Gemeinschaftspraxis St.Johannspark

St. Johanns Parkweg 2, 4056 Basel 061 321 77 44 Tests nur für bestehende Patienten.

Dr. med. Andreas Steiner                                                             

Praxis Dr. Steiner

Frobenstrasse 50, 4053 Basel  061 271 61 41  

Dr. med. Annemarie Martin Vogt
Dr. med. Eveline Reiffer


Murbacherstrasse 34, 4056 Basel  061 322 83 00

Tests nur für bestehende Patienten.


Labor Rothen Kornhausgasse 2, 4002 Basel  061 269 81 81

Täglich zwischen 08:00 und 19:00 Uhr
Samstag zwischen 09:00 und 12:00 Uhr
Abstriche können bei uns im Haus oder als Hausbesuche
(z.B. in Alters- und Pflegeheimen) durchgeführt werden. 

Dr. med. Esther Saner

Praxis Dr. E. Saner Steinenvorstadt 26, 4051 Basel 061 281 73 53

Abstriche nur nach telefonischer Terminvereinbarung.

Dr. med. Karin Keiser

Dr. med. Karin Keiser
Morystrasse 60,
4125 Riehen
061 601 33 33   

Dr. med. Marc J. Herz

Kinderarztpraxis Dr. med. Marc Herz Austrasse 29
4051 Basel
061 272 46 11  

Dr. med. Marie-Anne Steinemann
Dr. med. Sonia Jurado-Graber

Kinderarztpraxis Steinemann und Jurado Graber  Blotzheimerstrasse 28,
4055 Basel
061 321 01 11  

Dr. med. Michael Schwarz
Dr. med. Andreas Uhl
PD Dr. med. Laurent Dukas
Med. pract. Peter Schrade
Dr. med. Balthasar Stähelin

Ambulatorium Wiesendamm Wiesendamm 22,
4057 Basel
061 631 25 25

Tests an 7 Tagen der Woche / 365 Tagen im Jahr

Dr. med. Petra Kohler
Dr. med. Ruth von Dahlen
Dr. med. Axel Fehr PD
Dr. med. Dr. phil. II Vilborg Sigurdardottir Ayad Al-Nasser, Dipl. Arzt 
Viollier AG
Spalenring 147,
4055 Basel
061 486 12 90  

Dr. med. Stefan P. Kradolfer

Hausarztpraxis am Picassoplatz Picassoplatz 8,
4052 Basel
061 271 26 55   

Dr.med. Esther Künzli
Dr. med. Andreas Neumayr
Dr. med. Johannes Blum
Dr. med. Véronique Sydow

Gruppenpraxis Swiss Tropical and Public Health-Institute
Socinstrasse 57,
4051 Basel
061 284 82 55

Tests nur nach telefonischer Voranmeldung.

Dr. med. Buess
Dr. med. Lienhart
Dres. med. Glättli
Dr. med. Stockmeyer
Dr. med. Hecht
Dr. med. Ball

Clarapraxis Clarastrasse 15,
4058 Basel
061 699 30 00

Testung nur für bestehende Patienten der Clarapraxis
und wenn im Unispital nicht möglich.

Dr. med .Catherine Szente 
Med. pract. Katja Heller

Dreilandpraxis  Klybeckstrasse 246
4057 Basel
061 631 20 15  

Dr. med. Demet Aydin

Praxis Dr. D. Aydin Güterstrasse 97,
4053 Basel
061 274 04 00  

Dr. med. Catherine Aeschlimann 

Kinderarztpraxis Dr. C. Aeschlimann Pfirtergasse 28,
4054 Basel
061 281 30 00  

Dr. med. Philipp Zinsser
Dr. med. Denise Sidler-Künzli
Dr. med. Oliver Mohr
Dr. med. Dina Nordmann

Westfeldpraxis AG Burgfelderstrasse 101,
4055 Basel
061 556 36 36  

Dr. med. Patrick Hetzel 
Dr. med. Adrian Merz 

kinderaerzte niederholz Rauracherstrasse 44,
4125 Riehen
061 601 50 60

COVID-19-Abstriche nur bei Patienten unserer Praxis.

Dr. med. Markus Thalmann
Dr. med. Regula Müller-Widmer

Gruppenpraxis Dr. Müller-Widmer / Dr. Thalmann Wettsteinallee 14,
4058 Basel
061 681 40 50

Tests nur für bestehende Patienten.

Dr. med. Andriy Zhydkov

Hausarztpraxis Niederholz Rauracherstrasse 44,
4125 Riehen
061 602 04 20  

Dr. med. Can Kaymak 

Kinderarztpraxis Dr. Kaymak Can Claragraben 31, 
4058 Basel
061 681 66 55  

Dr. med. J. Jalci

Praxis Dr. J. Jalci Clarastrasse 19
4058 Basel
061 681 30 40  

Dr. med. M. Caimi

Männerpraxis Neuweilerstrasse 101,
4054 Basel
061 225 92 55  
  mediX Hausarztpraxis Küchenstrasse 16,
4051 Basel
061 500 11 00 Öffnungszeiten 07:00 bis 22:00 Uhr auch an Sonn- und Feiertagen. 
  mediX toujour Centralbahnstrasse Centralbahnstrasse 3,
4051 Basel
061 500 11 00 Öffnungszeiten 07:00 bis 22:00 Uhr auch an Sonn- und Feiertagen. Tests werden in der Praxis in der Küchengasse (mediX Hausartrtpraxis) durchgeführt.

Dr. med. Kadir Oktay Kocagöncü

Praxis Dr. med. Kadir Oktay Kocagöncü Aeschenvorstadt 68,
4051 Basel
061 361 36 60  

Dr. med. Robert Huwyler

Praxis Dr. Robert Huwyler Realpstrasse 83,
4054 Basel
061 302 24 52   

Dr. med. Christian Vanoni

Praxis Dr. Vanoni  Christian Elsässerstrasse 44,
4056 Basel
061 385 96 96  

Med. pract. Grünefeld Weert

Praxis für Schmerzmedizin Grünefeld Parkweg 35,
4051 Basel
061 228 76 01

Nur bei eigenen Patientinnen/Patienten im Rahmen der laufenden Behandlung und während der Hausbesuche.

Dr. med. Sabine Bichsel

Praxis Ysegass Eisengasse 8,
4051 Basel
061 261 43 00  

Dr. med. Jessica Bonhoeffer Templeton         
Dr. med. Nicolas von Hornstein
Prof. Dr. med. Jan Bonhoeffer
Dr. med. Rachel Rauber
Sarah Felber
Dr. med. Zoe Schuhmacher
Dr. med. Sabine Uhde
Dr. med. Birgit Rehm
Dr. med. Laila Baur

YoukiDoc Kindergesundheit  Güterstrasse 90 
4053 Basel
061 201 01 01 061 361 35 55 

Test werden am Standort Güterstrasse durchgeführt. 
Öffnungszeiten: Mo.-Fr. 8.00 - 20.00 Uhr
Schulferien: 08.00 - 18.00 Uhr

Dr. med. Joël Cuénod Praxis Dr. med. Joël Cuénod  Birsigstrasse 10,
4054 Basel
061 281 36 56  
Dr. med. Philipp Tschopp
Celina Haase
Birgit Brüne
Med. pract. Cornelia Dürring 
socin22 Hausarztzentrum  Socinstrasse 22,
4051 Basel
061 277 27 27 Tests nur für bestehende Patienten.
Dr. med. Dominik Marti  Praxisgemeinschaft Rütimeyerplatz Rütimeyerplatz 9, 4054 Basel 061 282 22 00  
Dr. med. Dominique Ryhiner-Fischer
Dr. med. Ursina Halter-Steiger
Dr. med. Katharina Müller Frey
Hausarztpraxis Rütimeyerplatz Rütimeyerplatz 8, 4054 Basel 061 226 96 01 Covid-Abstriche nur für bestehende Patienten nach telefonischer Anmeldung.
Med. pract. Duncan Klein
Med. pract. Jamal Ailabouni
Kinderarztpraxis Rössligasse Rössligasse 32,
4125 Riehen
061 641 24 66  
Dr. S. Isay
Dr. H. Hug
Dr. C. Pizzagalli
Dr. S. Hug
Dr. S. Navarini
Kinderarztpraxis Davidsboden  Gasstrasse 63,
056 Basel

061 321 71 71 




Contact persons of people who are ill

Contact persons are people who came into close contact with an individual confirmed as having COVID-19 when they had symptoms or during the 48 hours prior to the symptoms showing.

The following are considered to be instances of close contact (greater risk of infection):

  • People who live in the same household, with more than 15 minutes of contact at fewer than 1.5 metres from the infected individual
  • Contact at fewer than 1.5 metres and for more than 15 minutes without protection (for example without an acrylic glass screen or without the infected person or the contact person wearing a face mask)
  • Care or medical examination or an occupational activity involving physical contact (fewer than 1.5 metres), without use of PPE
  • Direct contact with secretions from the respiratory system or bodily fluids without the use of PPE
  • In an aeroplane:
    • Passengers who were seated in the same row as the infected individual or in the two rows in front of or behind them, irrespective of the duration of the flight
    • Members of the crew or other passengers if one of the criteria listed above applies (e.g. spoke with the infected individual for more than 15 minutes)

These contact persons will be retained in quarantine for 10 days. The responsible cantonal authority will arrange the respective quarantines. The contact person should monitor the state of their health during quarantine. The contact person should avoid contact with other people, except for those in quarantine with them (e.g. members of the same household). If a person in quarantine develops symptoms, they should get tested and go into isolation (see above).

If it is not possible for contact persons to remain separate from the ill person, the quarantine period for the close contact persons should be extended for a further 10 days after the isolation period for the ill person comes to an end. 

The following are not considered to be instances of close contact (low risk of infection):

  • People who were in contact at fewer than 1.5 metres for more than 15 minutes with protective equipment (for example an acrylic glass screen or face mask worn by the infected individual and/or the contact person)
  • People who were in the room with the infected individual (e.g. at the workplace) but did not come into contact with them for more than 15 minutes in total when at a distance of fewer than 1.5 metres
  • People who were in the same aeroplane as the infected individual but who were sitting more than two rows in front of or behind them and did not come into any other form of relevant contact with them
  • People who live in the same household (e.g. shared flat/house), who have not had at least 15 minutes of contact at fewer than 1.5 metres with the infected individual
  • Contact among children of preschool or school age (compulsory school age), especially in school settings or family care facilities that do not have a cluster of cases (≥2 cases)
  • Lab personnel working on SARS-CoV-2 viruses that can propagate, provided that adequate protective measures are taken
  • Medical staff who were in the same room as the infected individual but maintained a distance of over 1.5 metres
  • Medical staff who came into contact with the infected individual at a distance of fewer than 1.5 metres (e.g. in the case of care or a medical examination) whilst wearing adequate PPE throughout the entire duration of the contact.

Quarantine is not required in these cases. However, monitoring yourself for cold-like symptoms is recommended.