Recommended seasonal vaccinations, autumn/winter 2023/2024

As for autumn/winter 2023/2024 the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Federal Commission for Immunization Issues (EKIF) recommend one single vaccination for particularly vulnerable persons (BGP) 16 years of age whose last vaccination or last Covid-19 infection have been at least 6 months ago.

This group of people includes:

  • Persons aged 65 and older
  • Individuals with certain pre-existing conditions (see below)
  • Individuals with trisomy 21
  • Pregnant women with pre-existing conditions (vaccinations for pregnant women without pre-existing conditions are recommended only if the attending physician considers this medically necessary)

The list with defined pre-existing conditions is enclosed in the vaccination recommendations.

For the best possible protection during the winter season, the FOPH recommends a single vaccination between mid-October and mid-December.

The aim of the Covid-19 vaccination is to protect particularly vulnerable people from a severe course of disease and hospitalization. Vaccinations against Covid-19 are not recommended for any other individuals, as there is little risk of severe illness in people without risk factors. In the current situation, Covid-19 vaccinations provide little protection against mild infections and transmissions.

Therefore, the FOPH does not specifically recommend a vaccination for health professionals this season.

The documents regarding the vaccination recommendation can be found on the FOPH website under the following link: Documents (

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For the above-mentioned persons, the costs of vaccination are covered. Costs for vaccinations outside the recommendation, e.g. for health professionals without pre-existing conditions or for an upcoming trip, are not covered and must be payed by the vaccinated person themselves.

From January 2024, recommended vaccinations received at pharmacies, will only be covered for residents of Basel-Stadt. Please bring a proof of residency (e.g. health insurance card). Vaccinations against payment will still be available for individuals who are not recommended to be vaccinated.

Vaccination against payment is also open to persons from abroad without compulsory health insurance (OKP), such as tourists or business travelers, as well as Swiss citizens living abroad.

Vaccinations against payment are available in doctors' offices and pharmacies, as well as at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH). Further information on the current vaccination offers can be found here.

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Available vaccines and vaccination services in the canton of Basel-Stadt

New vaccines have been produced for fall 2023, which were adapted to the Omicron XBB.1.5 variant. These vaccines are available in vaccinating establishments in the canton of Basel-Stadt since October 16, 2023

Medical practices and pharmacies:

  • Moderna
  • Pfizer/BioNTech (currently only offered sporadically)

For a list of current locations and vaccination offers, click here.

Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute:

  • Moderna
  • Pfizer/BioNTech, for adults
  • Pfizer/BioNTech for children aged 5 - 11 years
  • Novavax: Vaccination by Novavax will no longer be available from January 2024.

Information on how to make an appointment at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute can be found here

Please note, the vaccine Janssen by Johson & Johnson is no longer available.

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What documents do I need to bring with me to a vaccination appointment?

Please check in advance with the institution where you will be vaccinated which documents you need to bring with you.

As a rule, the following documents are required:

  • Vaccination booklet (if a record of the vaccination is needed)
  • health insurance card
  • Identity card (ID) / passport
  • Payment options (for non-recommended vaccinations)

Additional information on vaccinations at pharmacies:

  • From January 2024, recommended vaccinations received at pharmacies, will only be covered for residents of Basel-Stadt. Please bring a proof of residency (e.g. health insurance card).
  • Persons under the age of 65 who are recommended to be vaccinated require proof or a prescription from the doctor treating them to confirm that they are at particularly high risk.
  • For persons over 65 years of age, an identity card or passport is sufficient.

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Proof of vaccination / Covid-19 certificates

Since September 2023, the Swiss certificate system is no longer operating. It is therefore no longer possible to issue, renew or correct certificates, neither replace lost certificates. For further information see here: COVID certificate (

Vaccinations can still be documented in the vaccination booklet.

Former vaccinations center Basel-Stadt

Persons who have been vaccinated at the former Basel-Stadt Vaccination Center and require a subsequent proof of vaccination can still contact the former Vaccination Center:

Further and general information on certificates can be found here:

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Information for medical practices and pharmacies

If other medical practices and pharmacies of Basel-Stadt express an interest in offering covid-19 vaccinations on their premises, they can contact the following email address:

  • FAQs by the FOPH for medical professionals can be found here.
  • Documents by the FOPH and the EKIF for medical professionals can be found here.

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Vaccination in nursing homes for the elderly

The mobile units have completed their visits to retirement and nursing homes. 

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​​​​​​​Written information on covid-19 vaccination in further languages