The Canton of Basel-Stadt is delivering vaccinations in the cantonal vaccination centre in Messe Basel and by using mobile teams in nursing homes. The firm Meconex operates the vaccination centre for the canton, as well as the mobile vaccination teams.

Vaccination in the cantonal vaccination centre

The vaccination programme with the recently approved vaccine from Pfizer/Biontech began on Monday, 28 December 2020 in the vaccination centre of the Canton of Basel-Stadt in Messe Basel.

Around 2,000 residents of the Canton of Basel-Stadt were vaccinated in the cantonal vaccination centre on the first three days, 28, 29 and 30 December 2020. A further 3,000 people will be vaccinated during the first two weeks of January.

Vaccinations against coronavirus are voluntary and free. People will be given a consultation prior to receiving a vaccination at the Basel-Stadt vaccination centre. A short rest is planned once the vaccine has been given and entered into the vaccination certificate. In addition to the specialist medical staff who administer the vaccine, a doctor will also act as a point of contact at the vaccination centre.


Vaccination in nursing homes

The first residents of a Basel-Stadt nursing home received their vaccine on Wednesday, 30 December 2020. 76 residents of the Wendelin nursing home in Riehen received their vaccination on this day. More nursing homes will follow at the beginning of January.

Mobile vaccination teams will be used in nursing homes to vaccinate as many residents as possible on site. To make this possible, preparatory work had to be completed in the homes. This means that all residents have to be informed about the vaccination and consent documents carefully obtained in advance. This might necessitate discussions with family doctors, relatives or legal advisers.

There must be a signed consent form with medical questionnaire from every resident who wishes to receive the vaccination or from their legal representative (legal adviser, relative).