Covid certificate

What is a Covid certificate?

The Covid Certificate is a way of documenting that somebody has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, has recovered from Covid-19 or has tested negative for Covid-19. Covid Certificates are issued in paper form or as a PDF document with a printed QR code. This QR code can be scanned with a smartphone and stored in an app. You can produce a Covid Certificate by using either the print-out or the electronic version of the QR code in the app. You will need to show your identity card or your passport to confirm your identity when you produce your personal Covid Certificate.

The Federal Council decides on the scope of the Covid Certificate. You can find out where mandatory certification applies on the FOPH coronavirus website: measures and regulations.

The Covid-19-Certificate has been officially compatible with the EU-Covid-Certificate since 9 July 2021. As a result, the EU Covid Certificate is accepted in Switzerland and can be verified using the Swiss Covid Certificate Check app. All further countries that issue compatible certificates, are listed here. Vice versa, the certificate issued in Switzerland should be accepted in all those countries. (Please note that as of the 16.11.21 we have several certificates in Switzerland, that are only valid here. For further information regarding this matter, please click here). Please bear in mind that this does not guarantee for the entry into other countries. The regulations differ from country to country and can change at short notice, people who plan to travel are requested to inform themselves about the travel restrictions via the Federal Office of Public Health (Travel Abroad and Global Statistics ( or directly via the authorities of the destination country or the airline.

You can find more information about the Covid Certificate and its use on the website of the FOPH:

The period of validity of certificates which have been issued before 16 November 2021 with a period of validity of 180 days will automatically be extended to 365 days after 16 November 2021. The adjustment will take place on the side of the checker, therefore it does NOT require a reissue of certificates (even if they are only in paper form).

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Incorrect information on the certificate

Should you find incorrect or incomplete information on your certificate (e.g. name or date of birth do not match the information on your ID card), please submit a request for a new certificate. The request is free of charge and can be submitted via e-mail (documents for vaccination, as well as a copy of ID/passport to
People who do not have internet access can register by calling the cantonal infoline (tel. 0800 463 666, Mon-Sun 8:00am - 5:00pm).

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Online application for Covid Certificates

From 20 September 2021, people vaccinated with a vaccine abroad that is approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA)* and people who have verifiably recovered from the disease may apply for the Covid Certificate electronically. For persons without an official residence permit in Switzerland who do not have Swiss citizenship, a processing fee of CHF 30.- will be charged.

Please apply for the Covid 19 certificate via the national application office (active since 19. October 2021):

Please note: We require a clearly legible copy of the documents. Applications with incomplete information or poorly legible photocopies will be denied.

Screenshot of the transfercode in the Covid Certiificate App

If you do not want to or cannot use the in-app delivery function, the certificate will be made available to you via a download link.

We recommend that you download the Covid Certificate App. You can then upload your certificate to the app and carry it with you digitally at all times.

Apple App Store: COVID Certificate in the App Store (
Google Play Store: COVID Certificate - Apps at Google Play
Huawei AppGallery: HUAWEI AppGallery

Please note that certificates, for which you have submitted an online application, cannot be collected at the counter.

*This concerns the following vaccines:

  • Comirnaty® / BNT162b2 / Tozinameran (Pfizer/BioNTech)
  • Spikevax® / mRNA-1273 / COVID-19 vaccine (Moderna)
  • Vaxzevria® / AZD1222 / Covishield™ (AstraZeneca)
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)

People who have been vaccinated in Basel and have not received a certificate can apply by e-mail via Please include a scan of your vaccination card and ID/passport.

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Certificates for particular vaccinations (WHO Emergency Use Listing)

Residents of Basel (for Swiss citizens living abroad with Basel as the last place of residence and very few other people*) who have been vaccinated with a vaccine that is on the "WHO Emergency Use List" and has not been approved by Swissmedic or the European Medicines Agency (EMA) can submit their application in person at the counter. For these vaccines, an online application is not possible, as we need to verify your information on site. This application is free of charge.

The following vaccines are affected:

  • SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine (Vero Cell) (Sinopharm / BIBP)
  • CoronaVac (Sinovac)
  • Covaxin® / BBV152 (Bharat Biotech)

We kindly ask you to have an official identification (ID/passport, for foreigners with confirmation of residence) as well as your vaccination certificate ready so that your request can be processed as quickly as possible.

Note: At the counter, it is not possible to issue any certificates for tourists. We kindly ask these persons to apply for the certificates online via the national application office.

* to see whether you belong to this group of people please click here.

Location of the counters at the Vaccination Centre:
Congress Center Basel, Messeplatz 21, 4058 Basel.

Opening hours:
Mon and Wed 09:00am-12:00pm and Fri 02:00pm-05:00pm

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Covid certificate for vaccinations in Basel

People who are vaccinated in Basel receive a certificate directly after the 2nd vaccination.

Persons who have had Covid-19 can be vaccinated 4 weeks after recovery and receive a vaccination certificate after a single vaccination. For this, the vaccination centre must have the information on the disease (positive PCR/antigen rapid test or antibody test) on hand at the time of vaccination.

The certificate for vaccinated persons is currently valid for 12 months after complete vaccination. In case of a booster vaccination a new certificate (valid for 12 months) will be issued.

People who have been vaccinated in Basel and have not received a certificate can apply by e-mail via Please include a scan of your vaccination card and ID/passport.

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Covid Certificate for people who have recovered

People who have recovered from Covid-19 in Switzerland will receive a certificate directly after the isolation period. If you have recovered from the disease abroad or have not received a certificate, you can apply for a Covid Certificate using the form available using this link.

Please note that a positive PCR test is required as proof of having had the illness.

Your certificate will be sent to you by post once you have completed this form. Please note that processing may take some time. People who do not have internet access can register by calling the cantonal infoline (tel. 0800 463 666, Mon-Sun 8:00am - 5:00pm).

Certificates are currently valid for 12 months after the date of a positive result.

Important: Covid Certificates cannot be issued for people who have recovered and who have a positive rapid antigen test result but no PCR result. For better protection against a second infection we recommend that all recovered people get vaccinated with a single dose. In this case a vaccination certificate valid for 365 days will be issued directly after the vaccination.

As of 16.11.21 people who have recovered from Covid-19 have the option of taking an antibody test at their own expense. In case of a positive result the laboratory/test center can issue a certificate which is valid for 90 days. This certificate is only valid in Switzerland. Note: For this kind of test it is not possible for us to issue a certificate, this can only be done by the laboratory or test center. Due to a lack of data this kind of testing is not recommended by the federal commission for questions regarding vaccinations on a routine basis but only in very specific settings.


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COVID-19 exemption certificate

There are people who cannot be vaccinated or tested for medical reasons (namely because of severe physical and/or mental disabilities). Since 4 October 2021 there has been the possibility for these persons to have a doctor issue a medical certificate confirming this. In most cases, this requires a co-assessment by a corresponding medical specialist. In Switzerland, this medical certificate is equivalent to a Covid-19-certificate.

Presumably as of 14 December 21 it should be possible to convert the medical certificate into a Covid-19-certificate. This is only valid in Switzerland and for a maximum of 365 days.

Requirements for the medical certificate: Name and date of birth of the person to whom the certificate is issued, information on the impossibility of vaccination and testing for medical reasons, date of issue, name with stamp and signature of the issuing person. It must also contain information on the period of validity (if it is foreseeable that the restriction is limited in time, this must be noted accordingly, otherwise the certificate can be issued for a maximum of 1 year).

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Covid Certificate for people who have tested negative for coronavirus

People with a negative PCR test result: the plan is to have certificates delivered by the laboratory. The certificate after a negative PCR test is valid for 72 hours from the time when the sample was taken. 

People with a negative rapid antigen test result will get a certificate at the place where the test is carried. The certificate after a negative rapid antigen test is valid for 48 hours from the time the sample was taken.

Covid Certificates are not issued for self-tests.

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Sign "Impfzertifikat"

If you have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine in the canton of Basel-Stadt, please turn to the counters labeled “Impfzertifikat”.

Logo of the cantonal medical service

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Form and content of the Covid Certificate

Examples of Corona certificates

As the electronic signature of the Swiss Confederation, the QR code protects the Covid Certificate against forgery and guarantees the authenticity of the document. The Covid Certificate contains surname, name, date of birth and certificate number, as well as information about vaccination, recovery or the negative PCR or rapid antigen test result.

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Covid Certificate in the “COVID Certificate” app

Illustrations of the Corona app

We recommend that you download the Covid Certificate App. You can then upload your certificate to the app and carry it with you digitally at all times. The data is not stored in any central system.

It is possible to store several Covid Certificates in the app, for example if you have several negative test results or if you wish to store your family members’ certificates. The app also shows how long the Covid Certificate is valid for or when it expires in Switzerland.

 If requested, you can produce the certificate in paper form or PDF format or using the app. Certificates are only valid in conjunction with your ID or passport.

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QR code for downloading the COVID Certificate app

QR-Code for the download of the COVID Certificate app from the Apple store

The QR code on the left can be scanned with the iPhone / iPad. The app page in the Apple App Store will then be opened. 

You can also access the app page in the Apple App Store using the follolwing link:
To the app in the Apple App Store

QR Code for the download of the COVID certificate app from Google Play

The QR code on the left can be scanned with an Android smartphone / tablet. The app page in the Google Play Store will then be opened.

You can also access the app page in the Google Play Store using the following link:
To the app in the Google Play store


To the app in the HUAWEI AppGallery

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