Covid certificate

What is a Covid certificate?

The Covid Certificate is a way of documenting that somebody has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, has recovered from Covid-19 or has tested negative for Covid-19. Covid Certificates are issued in paper form or as a PDF document with a printed QR code. This QR code can be scanned with a smartphone and stored in an app. You can produce a Covid Certificate by using either the print-out or the electronic version of the QR code in the app. You will need to show your identity card or your passport to confirm your identity when you produce your personal Covid Certificate.

The Federal Council will decide on the scope of the Covid Certificate. The intention is to use Covid Certificates at major events planned in Switzerland in July 2021. The certificate will also be compatible with the EU certificate from the beginning of July 2021. The certificate will not be used in areas of everyday life such as public transport, shops or private/religious events.

With regard to any planned foreign holidays, please note that the Covid Certificate is intended for travel and should be EU-compatible from the beginning of July, but does not guarantee entry into other countries. As the regulations differ from country to country and can change at short notice, people wishing to travel are requested to find out about the exact travelling conditions themselves from the Federal Office of Public Health (Travel Abroad and Global Statistics ( and from the authorities of the destination country or the airline.

You can find more information about the Covid Certificate and its use on the website of the FOPH:


Covid Certificate for people who have recovered

People who have recovered from Covid-19 and whose isolation period has been lifted can apply for a Covid Certificate using the form available using this link.

Please note that a positive PCR test is required as proof of having had the illness.

Your certificate will be sent to you by post once you have completed this form. Please note that processing may take some time during the initial phase. Unfortunately, it is not possible to issue certificates earlier or to send them by email. People who do not have internet access can register by calling the cantonal infoline (tel. 0800 463 666, Mon-Sun 8:00am - 5:00pm). Furthermore, Contact Tracing will be able to issue certificates at the end of isolation.

Certificates are currently valid for 6 months after a positive PCR test result.

Important: Covid Certificates cannot be issued for people who have recovered and who have a positive rapid antigen test result. It is recommended that these individuals receive one single vaccination dose against Covid-19 at least four weeks after the illness and then apply for a certificate.


Covid Certificate for people who have been vaccinated

All individuals who have been fully vaccinated and who gave a validated mobile telephone number at registration or vaccination will receive an SMS from Monday, 21 June 2021. The SMS contains a link to an online form that must be filled in to apply for a Covid Certificate. No detailed information is available about when the SMS messages will be sent or how long it will take to issue to certificates. It is not possible to answer any further questions about this.

Individuals for whom no validated mobile telephone number has been recorded in the system (e.g. also including staff who have been vaccinated in hospitals and nursing homes) will receive a letter with a link to the online form to apply for the Covid Certificate from 28 June 2021. The Covid Certificate can then be downloaded as a PDF by following a protected download link. People who neither receive a SMS message  nor an email can go to the vaccination centre on-site in person and apply for a certificate by showing their identity card and documents (e.g. vaccination booklet, proof of vaccination, documentation of a previous illness). Individuals with questions about the Covid Certificate after vaccination can contact the cantonal Infoline by telephone (tel. 0800 463 666, Mon-Sun 8:00am - 5:00pm).

People vaccinated after 21 June 2021 will receive the certificate digitally as a PDF or, if required, can have it issued at the vaccination centre itself.

Persons who have recovered from Covid-19 only need one vaccination dose to be considered fully vaccinated and to receive a Covid certificate. The certificate for vaccinated persons is currently valid for 12 months after full vaccination.

If the information on your vaccination certificate is incorrect, e.g. missing name or wrong date of birth, please go straight to the counter at the vaccination centre.


Covid Certificate for people who have tested negative for coronavirus

People with a negative PCR test result: the plan is to have certificates delivered by the laboratory itself from the beginning of July 2021. The certificate after a negative PCR test is valid for 72 hours from the time when the sample was taken. 

People with a negative rapid antigen test result: from the beginning of July 2021 the place where the test is carried out will be responsible for issuing the certificate. Please inform yourself in advance whether certificates are issued by the respective testing place. The certificate may only be issued if the test is carried out using a rapid antigen test from the common EU list. The certificate after a negative rapid antigen test is valid for 48 hours from the time the sample was taken.

Covid Certificates are not issued for self-tests or antibody tests. However, following a positive antibody test, individuals only require one vaccination dose against Covid-19 to apply for a certificate at the vaccination centre directly.

Doctors or pharmacies who would like to issue certificates subsequent to a negative rapid antigen test can send an email to to receive more information.


Counters for issuing certificates

Starting from 28 June 2021 Certificate Counters will be available for certificate requests, which cannot be issued by the regular procedure and other specific cases. For the regular procedures, please see the according sections on this page:

Covid Certificate for people who have recovered

Covid Certificate for people who have been vaccinated

Covid Certificate for people who have tested negative for coronavirus

If you wish to visit the Certificate Counter, please have an official document (Passport, ID) and your vaccine certificate or other relevant documents (e.g. positive test result for persons who have recovered from Covid-19) at hand, so we can process your request as quickly as possible.

Sign "Impfzertifikat"

If you have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine in the canton of Basel-Stadt, please turn to the counters labeled “Impfzertifikat”.

Logo of the cantonal medical service

In the following cases, please turn to the counters of the Kantonsärztlicher Dienst Basel-Stadt:

  • You have been vaccinated abroad with one of the following vaccines which are approved in Switzerland:
    • Comirnaty (BioNTEch/Pfizer) (2 doses necessary)
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna (2 doses necessary)
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen (1 dose necessary)

People who have been vaccinated with Astra Zeneca (first dose) and one dose of BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna (second dose) can also get a Covid Certificate.

Please note, that we cannot issue a certificate in the following cases:

  • After a negative rapid antigen or PCR test. Please contact the testing facility in these cases.
  • If you have been vaccinated with a vaccine which is not approved in Switzerland (see list of approved vaccines above).
  • If you have been vaccinated in another Canton. Please contact the according authorities.
  • If you have been infected with SARS-CoV-2, but have only been tested positive with a rapid antigen test.
  • If you only have a positive antibody test but did not get a vaccine.

Location of the Covid Certificate Counters:

Congress Center Basel, Messeplatz 21, 4058 Basel

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri  9:00am - 6:00pm


Form and content of the Covid Certificate

Examples of Corona certificates

As the electronic signature of the Swiss Confederation, the QR code protects the Covid Certificate against forgery and guarantees the authenticity of the document. The Covid Certificate contains surname, name, date of birth and certificate number, as well as information about vaccination, recovery or the negative PCR or rapid antigen test result.


Covid Certificate in the “COVID Certificate” app

Illustrations of the Corona app

ou can also keep your Covid Certificate on you in electronic form. The “COVID Certificate” app is available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Use the camera to scan the QR code on your paper or PDF certificate and transfer it to your mobile device. The data is not stored in any central system.

It is possible to store several Covid Certificates in the app, for example if you have several negative test results or if you wish to store your family members’ certificates. The app also shows how long the Covid Certificate is valid for or when it expires in Switzerland.

 If requested, you can produce the certificate in paper form or PDF format or using the app. Certificates are only valid in conjunction with your ID or passport. 

You can find more information about Covid Certificates on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health


QR code for downloading the COVID Certificate app

QR-Code for the download of the COVID Certificate app from the Apple store
QR Code Apple Store
QR Code for the download of the COVID certificate app from Google Play
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