Measures and Events

From Monday, 20 December 2021, the following Covid 19 measures of the Federal Council apply throughout Switzerland.

The COVID certificate requirement now applies indoors for all public events as well as for all sports and cultural activities by laypersons. 

For indoor meetings with family and friends the following applies: As soon as one person aged 16 or over is present who is not vaccinated or recovered, only ten people are allowed to meet. Children are counted. If all persons aged 16 and over are vaccinated or have recovered, there is a limit of 30 persons indoors.

Compulsory mask wearing now applies indoors everywhere where the COVID certificate requirement applies - except for private meetings.

Please also see to the corresponding media release including FAQ. 


'2G' with mask and seating requirement

The '2G' rule will now come into effect (admission only for vaccinated or recovered persons). This applies to restaurants, cultural, sporting and leisure venues as well as events. In addition, the mask requirement still applies in these settings, as does a seating requirement when consuming food or drink. The '3G' rule still applies for outdoors events with over 300 people.

2G+ for clubs and discos where masks are not practicable

In settings where it is not possible to wear a mask or apply a seating requirement, admission will be limited to vaccinated or recovered persons, who must also present a negative test result (2G+). This rule applies to bars and discos, but also to amateur sporting and cultural activities where masks cannot be worn, such as brass band practice. It does not apply to young people under the age of 16. People who within the last four months have been fully vaccinated, received a booster or recovered from COVID-19 do not have to take a further test. In clubs, discos and bars, contact details (surname, first name, place of residence and telephone number) must be collected. Businesses and events subject to the '2G' rule may voluntarily choose to adopt the '2G+' rule and thus forgo the mask and seating requirements.

Groups for Carnival Fasnacht

Indoor practice sessions of carnival cliques

Due to the epidemiological situation, practice sessions with wind instruments are strongly discouraged at present. If need be, these can be carried out if the participating persons have a COVID certificate (2G) and have been tested negative. People who within the last four months have been fully vaccinated, received a booster or recovered from COVID-19 do not have to take a further test.

Outdoor practice sessions of carnival cliques

From January 15, 2022, cliques and Guggen bands will be allowed to practice outdoors in the Lange Erlen. The Basel government has temporarily adapted the corresponding forest law (Waldgesetz). In normal years, music may be played in the Lange Erlen only 4 weeks before Fasnacht Carneval.

Choral singing

Due to the unedifying epidemiological situation with increasing numbers of cases and the emergence of the omicron variant, the Cantonal Medical Service of the Department of Public Health of Basel-Stadt states:

Amateur choirs

The following rules apply to practice sessions and performances that require a notification and a permission (300 persons or more) of amateur choirs:

  • All singers have a valid Covid certificate (2G).
  • All singers have a negative test result (PCR or rapid antigen test) on the day of the parctice session and on the day of the performance. People who within the last four months have been fully vaccinated, received a booster or recovered from COVID-19 do not have to take a further test.
  • On the day of the performance, there must be a distance of at least three meters between the choir and the audience or orchestra.

Case-by-case examination

All events with choirs that require a notification and a permission (300 persons or more) must be examined individually for their feasibility. Organisers are therefore requested to submit their notifications or applications for permission in good time. From an epidemiological point of view, performances with children's choirs are currently to be regarded as particularly critical, since unvaccinated persons from the age group with currently the highest rates of new infections are participating. Other factors for the assessment include location and space available, possibilities for ventilation, duration of the event, number of performers and audience. Any form of singing group of 3 or more persons is considered a choir.

According to the information from choral associations, singing with masks is also possible.


The 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) applies to all events requiring notification and approval. If these events involve the use of wind instruments or singing, the 2G+ rule applies (vaccinated or recovered and a negative test result. Persons who have not been fully vaccinated, booster vaccinated or recovered for more than four months are exempt from testing).

Events with 300 – 1,000 people (participants and audience members)

From 6 December 2021, the Department of Health Basel-Stadt must be notified of events with 300 – 1,000 people (participants and audience members). The organiser must send in the safety policy with the online form below.

Online form

For outdoor events with more than 300 people (participants and spectators) the Covid certificate is now required.

Major events

Major events are events with more than 1,000 people (participants and spectators or audience members). They require cantonal approval and only people with a Covid-19 Certificate may be admitted. Apart from the requirement to draw up a safety policy, there are no other restrictions. We have put together the various aspects for you in a leaflet.

Leaflet "Approvals for Major Events" (PDF)

Application form for approvals for major events

Information about the protective shield for large events with more than 5,000 people