Events and Services

On Monday, 16 March 2020, the Federal Council declared an “extraordinary situation” in Switzerland and implemented ordinance 2 on measures to combat coronavirus (COVID-19), to which further measures have been added. These measures will be in force until 19 April or 30 April 2020 and will affect our daily life – including with regard to events and services. The longer and closer people are together, the greater the likelihood of the virus being transmitted. Coronavirus is mainly transmitted through close contact over a longer period. Large gatherings of people, in particular, increase the risk that the virus will be transmitted to many others. Social distancing is therefore an effective way of stemming and moderating outbreaks of disease.

This raises many questions about our everyday life – including with regard to events and services. Am I allowed to celebrate my birthday at home with some friends? Which shops are actually open? And, if the restaurants are closed, can I still order pizza from a takeaway?

To answer these questions, we have created two leaflets. The first leaflet on “events” gives explanations from the Federal Office of Public Health on the topic of “events”. It shows what is and isn’t allowed and what people need to bear in mind. The second leaflet on “public establishments” provides information about which shops are allowed to stay open and which must remain closed. It also contains information about which businesses will be allowed to continue to run their workshops and with which restrictions.

You can find more information in the two leaflets on “events” and “public establishments”.

As mentioned above, larger gatherings of people should be avoided because of the high risk of infection. We are therefore appealing to young people: Please do not meet up in groups on the banks of the Rhine. And our plea to people aged 65 and over: Stay at home.

Please follow the recommendations of the Federal Council:

“Stay at home, especially if you are ill or aged 65 or over. Unless you have to go to work and are unable to work from home; unless you need to go to the doctor or chemist, or you need to buy food or help somebody, stay at home.

The Federal Council and Switzerland are counting on you!”