Procedure test / positive pool

Procedure tests

Primary and secondary level I

  • For the testing, children as well as teachers and professionals give a saliva sample once per week.
  • This is done every week on the same day in the classroom and during regular lessons.
  • The teachers conduct the testing with the children.
  • IMPORTANT: No eating, no drinking (no smoking) and no chewing gum is allowed for about one hour before the saliva sample is collected.
  • The saliva samples are analysed by means of a so-called pooling. A PCR test is done for a pool. The test result is reported to the school.
  • Only in case of a positive pool result of the child, the legal guardians will be informed accordingly.

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Procedure in case of a positive pooling test

If a pool tests positive for COVID-19, parents will be notified by the school administration. All individuals in that pool will be asked to provide a second saliva sample (depooling). The parent or guardian will be contacted by the testing agency and informed of the testing location and time. The saliva samples of this second test are evaluated individually in the laboratory.

  • All persons in the positive pool remain at home until they receive a negative test result. These persons also avoid contact with other persons.
  • The test result is available in a reasonable time and is sent directly to the tested person (or his/her legal guardian).
  • If the test is negative: the child may return to school.
  • If the test is positive: Tested persons go into isolation for 10 days from the date when the first saliva sample was collected.

What to bring to the saliva testing

For saliva collection, please bring your child's health insurance card for data validation, as well as your mobile phone for the communication of the results. The individual tests are billed directly to the Canton and the Federal Government. No costs will be charged to you.

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Secondary level II

Participants of the secondary level II Basel-City, who are repetitively tested by PCR saliva test, register individually for the test and also receive their test result individually. In addition, they have the possibility to receive a Covid certificate in case of a negative test result. 

  • For the tests, participating persons provide a saliva sample once per week.
  • This takes place on the same day of the week at the school (either in the classroom during lessons or centrally at a testing center set up at the school).
  • IMPORTANT: Around one hour before the saliva sample is taken, no eating, no drinking, no smoking, no chewing gum and no brushing of teeth is allowed.
  • The saliva samples are analysed by pooling method first. Parts of the samples are pooled and tested with a PCR test. In case of positive pool results, the retained individual samples are tested again individually. 
    The test result is available in a timely manner and is reported directly to the participants.

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Procedure in case of positive test

The test results are reported back individually. In the event of a positive test result, the tested person must go into isolation. Students, teachers and specialists from the positive pool are not allowed to enter the school until a negative result has been received. Those tested positive must go into isolation and will be contacted by the Cantonal Medical Service. 

Those testing positive will also be forwarded to the FOPH and contacted by Contact Tracing. The school management will also be informed.

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