Procedure tests / positive test

Procedure tests

Primary and secondary level I

  • Participating students who are repetitively tested using PCR saliva testing will register individually for the test and will also receive their test result individually.
  • For the testing, children as well as teachers and professionals give a saliva sample once per week.
  • This is done every week on the same day in the classroom and during regular lessons.
  • The teachers conduct the testing with the children.
  • IMPORTANT: No eating, no drinking (no smoking) and no chewing gum or brushing teeth is allowed for about one hour before the saliva sample is collected.

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Secondary level II as well as teachers, specialists and employees

Participants of the secondary level II Basel-City as well as employees, teachers and specialists of all participating schools who are repetitively tested by PCR saliva test, register individually for the test and also receive their test result individually. In addition, they have the possibility to receive a Covid certificate in case of a negative test result. 

  • For the tests, participating persons provide a saliva sample once per week.
  • This takes place on the same day of the week at the school (either in the classroom during lessons or centrally at a testing center set up at the school).
  • IMPORTANT: Around one hour before the saliva sample is taken, no eating, no drinking, no smoking, no chewing gum and no brushing of teeth is allowed.

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In the laboratory, dynamic pools are formed from the individual samples. This means that samples from teachers, specialists and students are pooled together with samples from other schools. This procedure means that the pools can always be completely filled up in the laboratory and the processes optimized.

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Procedure in case of positive test

As of Friday, April 1, 2022, the Covid-19 ordinance special situation was lifted. All measures ordered by the authorities will therefore cease to apply. There is no longer any obligation to isolate people who have tested positive, and the obligation to wear a mask in public transport will also cease to apply. This also means a return to the normal situation for schools.
This means that in the event of illness, students and employees may return to school or to the day structure or workplace if they have been fever-free for 24 hours and the general symptoms have largely subsided. Mild symptoms such as a cold, sore throat or slight cough can be tolerated.

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