Procedure test / positive pool


  • For the testing, children give a saliva sample once per week.
  • This is done every week on the same day in the classroom and during regular lessons.
  • The teachers conduct the testing with the children.
  • IMPORTANT: No eating, no drinking (no smoking) and no chewing gum is allowed for about one hour before the saliva sample is collected.
  • The saliva samples are analysed by means of a so-called pooling. A PCR test is done for a pool. The test result is available on the same day and is reported to the school.
  • Only in the case of a positive pool result the parents or legal guardians will be informed accordingly.


Procedure in case of a positive pooling test

If a pool tests positive for COVID-19, all persons in that pool must provide a second saliva sample. The parents or legal guardians will be contacted by the testing centre and will be informed about the test location and time. The saliva samples from the second test are analysed individually by the laboratory.

  • All persons in the positive pool remain at home until they receive a negative test result. These persons also avoid contact with other persons.
  • The test result is available within 24 hours at the latest and is sent directly to the person tested.
  • If the test is negative: the child may return to school.
  • If the test is positive: Tested persons go into isolation for 10 days from the date when the first saliva sample was collected.

What to bring to the saliva testing

Please bring along your child's health insurance card to the saliva sampling, as well as  your mobile phone for the communication of the results. The individual tests are billed directly to the health insurance company and are then charged to the FOPH. You will not be charged any costs such as a deductible or excess costs.