Testing in schools

Why these tests?

People without symptoms can also pass on COVID-19 to other people. According to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), more than half of cases of COVID-19 transmission involve people who are unaware that they are carrying coronavirus. Testing in schools increases the likelihood of identifying these individuals and therefore breaking chains of infection. By voluntarily participating in testing in schools, pupils, teachers and specialist staff are making an important contribution to the gradual reopening of the economy and society as a whole. The tests also increase protection for people in the high-risk group.

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Participation and costs

  • Participation in the repetitive tests is voluntary.
  • Participation in testing at schools is free of charge. 
  • Persons after proven COVID-19 infection are not allowed to participate in serial testing for 6 weeks. The test may remain positive during this time after having passed through infection.

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