Rapid tests

Rapid tests have also been free for asymptomatic individuals since 15 March 2021.

This is provided for by the Federal Council’s extended testing strategy. The Federal Government is now basically also undertaking to pay the costs of analysis for all asymptomatic individuals, in order to lower the threshold for testing and to make it more accessible in future.

Test centres

In the Canton of Basel-Stadt these tests are available in over 70 test centres in clinics, laboratories, medical practices and pharmacies. Several pharmacies in the Canton of Basel-Stadt are also offering individual rapid tests free of charge. Payment for rapid tests is regulated as standard across Switzerland and is made by the service provider (pharmacy) to the insurer (health insurance organisation) of the individual who has been given the test. Tests are exempt from franchise and excess. People who wish to be tested should therefore take their health insurance card with them when they are tested in the pharmacy.

It is up to the individual pharmacies to decide whether they want to offer rapid tests.

List of test centres in the Canton of Basel-Stadt (pharmacies, etc.)

Costs and frequency

The Federal Government undertakes to pay all costs for rapid tests that you have done in a test centre, in hospitals or pharmacies or by your doctor. You can therefore be tested free of charge using these tests, even if you don’t have any coronavirus symptoms. The services that pharmacies are allowed to charge for in connection with these tests have been conclusively defined by the Federal Government and are subject to fixed charges. You can find more detailed information on the website of the FOPH.

Children under 12

Children under 12 years of age can be tested in pharmacies. We particularly recommend this for asymptomatic children (e.g. as part of testing during quarantine). Symptomatic children should ideally be examined by a paediatrician.