Obtaining a COVID certificate

As of 2 February 2022, all persons in Switzerland who participate in a serial testing program of their establishment must be able to request a COVID certificate whith a negative test result. Consequently, all registered establishments will be automatically activated for this option in the future.

COVID certificates are sent electronically and are valid for 72 hours from the point in time when the sample was collected. Please note that the delivery of the results can take up to 24 hours after the arrival of the sample in the laboratory. The canton of Basel-Stadt does not guarantee for the timely delivery of the test results and declines all responsibility in the event of COVID certificates not being delivered or being delivered late. Consequently, this option does not replace testing on request at a test centre.

Obtaining the COVID certificates involves an initial additional effort for the establishments.

The following steps are necessary for this.

Please download the following documents first:

The most important steps

Please read all documents carefully.

Authorisation of the persons verifying the identity in your establishment by the persons responsible for the establishment:

Verifying the identity to obtain the Covid certificate:

Receipt of the COVID certificate by the employees: