Registration for repetitive tests

Testing of asymptomatic individuals in establishments in the Canton of Basel-Stadt


Important information:

Please note that the following information is required for online registration:

Information about groups of individuals
• Total number of employees in the establishment
• Number of these employees not currently working from home
• Number of employees with an increased transmission risk not working from home
• Number of commuters from Germany not working from home
• Number of commuters from France not working from home
• Number of employees working shifts
• Estimated number of individuals to be tested

Further information
• Desired weekday(s) for testing (on 2 days max.)
• Choice of test type (PCR saliva test or rapid antigen test)
• Safety policy (to be submitted via file upload at the end of the form)

It is also important to note that subsequent registration on the testing platform is done by the employees themselves and requires a smartphone.

Participation in testing is voluntary for establishments and their employees.

Using testing as part of a safety policy is no substitute for following hygiene rules and codes of conduct or implementing existing safety policies.

Testing does not lift the obligation to work from home.

The establishment has the following duties during implementation:
• Definition of the contact person for coordination and communication within the establishment
• Internal distribution of test kits to employees
• Collection and dispatch/transport of samples to the logistics hubs in the canton

Participation is free for establishments. The minimum number of individuals to be tested in an establishment is five. The repetitive tests are done weekly and are intended for people WITHOUT symptoms.

We advise that individuals who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 or have been vaccinated wait at least six months before participating in testing because results can still be positive for a long period of time.

Rechtliche Grundlagen(en)

Bundesgesetz über die Bekämpfung übertragbarer Krankheiten des Menschen [federal law on protection against infectious diseases in humans]. (Epidemic Diseases Act, EpG)

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