Test procedure in establishments

As soon as your establishment has been accepted into the testing programme, we will contact you and give you details about how to proceed (briefing). A rough outline of the process is attached.

Briefing and registration

During the briefing, you will be given information about testing days, delivery of test kits, collection days and times for samples, link to registration for employees, instructions for testing, documents for internal communication, etc.

Delivery of test kits 

You can order the number of test kits directly through the portal 2weeks.ch. Delivery of the empty test kits to the establishment is organised through the canton.

Carrying out the tests

The establishment is responsible for carrying out the tests but is supported by the canton with the relevant communication materials (test instructions, posters, etc.). In the case of the recommended pooled PCR saliva test, employees have the option of doing the tests independently. Specialist staff are not required (unlike the rapid antigen test).

Collection and return of samples

Dispatch of samples by the establishment to one of the collection points is to be organised and, if necessary, paid for by the establishment.

Laboratory analysis

Once the samples have been received by the laboratory, they will be pooled and analysed in the laboratory. Test results are sent directly to the employees. The laboratory will inform the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH of any positive results. Persons who test positive will be contacted by the cantonal contact tracing team.

Testing process in establishments