Leisure & holiday camps

Registration for tests for leisure & holiday camps

A camp is any organised event involving more than one overnight stay. 
Interested associations & leisure camp managers can register for preventive testing before the camp begins at Covid.Massentest.Betrieb@bs.ch. This means that they will be participating in the mass testing in establishments programme as a one-off. 

Please give the following information in your email: 

  • Number of participants (children, young people) who are participating in testing 
  • Number of supervisors who are participating in testing 
  • Date and duration of the camp 
  • Location of the camp 
  • Desired test day (please note that notification of results can take 48 hours) 

Important information: To help us process your registration quickly, please include the name of the holiday camp in the subject line of your email. 
The canton reserves the right to a lead time of 1-2 weeks. It is therefore best to register 2 weeks before the start of camp.

Conditions of participation 

  • The association / organisation has its headquarters in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. 
  • Participation in testing is voluntary for leisure & holiday camp attendees. 
  • Participation is free for associations, leisure & holiday camps.
  • The tests are done once before the start of the camp and are intended for people WITHOUT symptoms. 
  • Vaccinated people are considered to be protected after their 2nd vaccination. They are therefore advised against participation in mass testing. 
  • People who have tested positive for COVID-19 may not participate in testing for 6 months. Tests can still be positive for this period after infection and would entail self-isolation. 

Organisers’ duties 

Organisers have the following duties: 

  • Specify a contact person for coordination and communication 
  • Provide information to participants and their legal guardians 
  • Distribution of test kits to test participants 
  • Collection and dispatch / transport of the samples to a cantonal collection point 

Registration on the test platform is done by the participants or legal guardians themselves. A smartphone or email address is required for registration. 
Once you have registered we will check your application. As soon as you have been accepted into the testing programme, we will contact you and give you details about the next steps.

School camps 

Teachers who are planning a school camp for their classes can get in touch via the following email address: Covid.Massentest.Schulen@bs.ch