Coronavirus: Friday bulletin on case numbers in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

30/10/2020 (14:25)
Press release
Department of Health

As of Friday, 30 October 2020, 09.40, the Department of Health Basel-Stadt had recorded a total of 2488 positive cases among people living in the Canton of Basel-Stadt since the start of the pandemic, 766 active cases in isolation and 2228 people in quarantine. The 14-day notification rate per 100,000 residents is 448. Contact tracing is currently prioritising enabling daily new cases to be contacted the day their test results are received.

There have been 293 new infections (referred to as “active cases”) since the last bulletin on Tuesday: 79 on Wednesday, 129 on Thursday and 85 today, Friday.

Of the 766 active cases, 29 residents of the Canton of Basel-Stadt are in hospital (as of Friday 30 October 2020, 14.00; as of last Tuesday: 23 residents). In addition, a further 18 people from outside the canton or abroad are in hospital in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. 47 people in total are being cared for in a Basel-Stadt hospital, 13 of whom require intensive care.

2228 people from Basel are in quarantine: 154 people who have returned after travelling, and 2074 close contacts of infected persons. The total of 2488 infections in the Canton of Basel-Stadt since the start of the pandemic consists of 1668 recoveries, 54 deaths and 766 active cases.

Diverse sources of infection

The current sources of infection are diverse, as follows: 1115 new infections were recorded in the Canton of Basel-Stadt during the past four weeks (period from 2 October 2020 until 29 October 2020). 27 percent (or 296 cases) of the new infections could be attributed to known or suspected sources of infection. Most people became infected within their family (25 percent) or when meeting family or friends (6 percent), during leisure time (24 percent), at work (20 percent), as well as on aeroplanes or when travelling (7 percent).

As case numbers increase, there have been new Covid-19 infections in nursing home residents. A total of eight residents in two nursing homes have so far tested positive.

In advance of the second wave, the Department of Health, together with the Commission of Experts on Long-Term Care [Expertenkommission Langzeitpflege], used the time and drew up a guide for dealing with positive Covid-19 cases. This guide, together with accompanying documents, was sent to all nursing homes. According to the guide, nursing homes must contact the Department of Health immediately if positive cases arise.

The necessary measures were immediately taken in all nursing homes. The measures range from testing, through temporary isolation of ill residents, to communication with relatives, to name a few.

Setting priorities necessary in contact tracing

Around 3000 people are now isolating or in quarantine. The contact tracing team is now prioritising the work of contacting people who are newly infected each day, on the same day. People in quarantine receive the necessary instructions by email, via the infected persons or, in a school setting, via the school management. The contact tracing team is also focussing on finding possible clusters. Contact tracing will be intensified again with the aim of offering more opportunities for direct contact with the cantonal medical services as quickly as possible.

Please note:

Case numbers continue to be updated every day on the website