Intensivecare units in the joint healthcare region discuss and agree on capacity

Joint press release Department of Health BS, Department of Health and Economic Affairs BL, University Hospital of Basel, Cantonal Hospital Baselland and Claraspital

29/10/2020 (14:30)
Press release
Department of Health

During the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, it became clear that the hospitals’ intensive-care units and ventilator beds are a critical bottleneck in guaranteeing treatment of COVID-19 patients. In order to make the best possible use of this intensive care capacity to cope with the second wave in both Basel cantons, the Heads of the Department of Health of the Cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft have concluded an agreement with hospitals with intensive-care units.

The University Hospital of Basel (USB), the Cantonal Hospital Baselland (KSBL) and Claraspital (SCS) have a special responsibility in tackling the current coronavirus pandemic in the “joint healthcare region”(Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft), since the three hospitals have intensive-care units. Thanks to the active exchange among the medical directors of the intensive-care units of the three hospitals, none of the intensive-care units became overwhelmed during the first wave in spring. The Heads of the Department of Health of both cantons, Lukas Engelberger and Thomas Weber, are grateful for this and have concluded an agreement with the heads of the three hospitals in order to coordinate use of intensive care capacity in the now upcoming second wave. The agreement formalises and consolidates the proven cooperation in this important field.

The aim of this cooperation is for patients to receive the best treatment and care without overwhelming staff and therefore the system as a whole. The concept defines how the three hospitals jointly manage the number of COVID-19 patients who require intensive care, and mutually balance out over and underutilisation. Prof. Hans Pargger, head of the intensive-care unit at USB, will coordinate the cooperation as “primus inter pares”. The mutual agreement is a clear sign of the cooperation between the two cantons within the framework of the “joint healthcare region” of the two Basels.