What to do if you are hosting an event in light of the coronavirus. Specifications issued by the Department of Health

28.02.2020 (16:15) Press Release
Department of Health

Following today’s decision by the Executive Council of Basel-Stadt to prohibit events organised on the occasion of the Fasnacht Carneval 2020, the Department of Health Basel-Stadt has published specific instructions with regards to the hosting of other events.

At the Basel Council’s press conference today, the Department of Health Basel-Stadt was appointed the go-to contact for any questions relating to events other than those relating to the Fasnacht Carneval. The Department of Health received a large number of enquiries at the press conference, and therefore felt it necessary to issue the following criteria:

All events organised to celebrate the Fasnacht Carneval are prohibited under the Federal Council’s ordinance on measures to combat the coronavirus (CO-VID-19) irrespective of their size.

The following criteria must be applied to other events in the Canton of Basel-Stadt to assess whether they may go ahead or not:

The organiser of events for a maximum of 200 people is responsible for assessing the respective risks. The protective rules of conduct issued by the Federal Office of Public Health apply.

Events expecting to attract between 200 to 1,000 people must be approved beforehand by the Federal Office of Public Health. The Federal Office of Public Health will carry out a risk assessment based on the following epidemiological criteria:

  • Number of people expected to attend
  • Nature of the event
  • Spatial layout (closed or open area)
  • Who is expected to attend, i.e. will they be from the groups at risk?
  • Is there a list of guests? (to identify the participants)
  • What hygiene measures are available

All enquiries concerning the likelihood of an event being cancelled or not can be sent to: md@bs.ch In addition to the epidemiological criteria listed above, could event organisers please also indicate the date and intended venue of the event.

Today, Friday 28th of February 2020, the main line for the Department of Health (061 267 90 00) is open until 20:00 and then from 9:00 to 16:00 at the weekend.

Remember: Events expecting 1,000 people or more are prohibited in accordance the instructions issued by the Federal Council.

This information has also been published on the Canton of Basel-Stadt’s new website: www.coronavirus.bs.ch.