Cantonal financial support for the hotel industry, restaurant trade and other tourism industries

27/10/2020 (14:00)
Press release

The Government has passed a support programme for the hotel industry, the restaurant trade and other tourism industries, and issued the corresponding ordinance. The Government is making 15 million francs available for the support programme that it is taking from the fund for tackling unemployment. A corresponding motion will therefore be implemented within a month.

The Government is issuing the ordinance concerning the support programme for the hotel industry and the restaurant trade in particular. It comes into force on 1 November 2020. The ordinance establishes that a maximum of 15 million francs from the fund for tackling unemployment will be used for the support programme. Businesses from the hotel industry and the restaurant trade should be considered as a priority. The Government can also consider other businesses from the tourism industries that have also suffered a fairly long-term and significant drop in turnover because of the measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cantonal financial support is calculated based on the insured AIA wage bill for 2019, and can be set on a scale according to the type of business. The Government has appointed an expert committee that will decide on the applications at a later date. However, as a first step, the expert committee will draw up more detailed provisions on calculating the financial support and the scope and type of the application, and submit them to the Government for approval. Applications can then be submitted from this time.

In its first statement on the motion of Thomas Gander (SP) concerning “preservation and safeguarding of the tourism infrastructure and jobs in the hotel and hospitality industry” the Government stated that it would take on the matter of this widely supported approach and wants to respond rapidly to the difficult situation in the hotel and restaurant trade. If the prerequisites are met, applications that can be approved at cantonal level should be forwarded to the Federal Government where other financial support can be paid in accordance with the Covid-19 Act.