Coronavirus: Friday bulletin on the case numbers in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

23/10/2020 (13:30)
Press release
Department of Health

As of Friday, 23 October 2020, 10.30, the Department of Health Basel-Stadt had recorded a total of 1878 positive cases among people living in the Canton of Basel-Stadt since the start of the pandemic, 399 active cases in isolation and 725 people in quarantine. The 14-day notification rate per 100,000 residents is 241. (Hospitalisations update, 23 October 2020, 15.15.)

There have been 192 new infections (referred to as “active cases”) since the last bulletin on Tuesday: 43 on Wednesday, 75 on Thursday (the highest number of daily infections so far) and 74 today, Friday.

Of the 399 active cases, twelve residents of the Canton of Basel-Stadt are in hospital (last Tuesday’s bulletin: seven people; the number was corrected). In addition, a further eleven people from outside the canton or abroad are in hospital in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. 23 people in total are being cared for in a Basel-Stadt hospital, four of whom require intensive care.

725 people from Basel are in quarantine: 387 people who have returned after travelling, and 538 close contacts of infected persons. The number of people returning from travelling is currently decreasing, while the number of close contact persons is increasing greatly. The total of 1878 infections in the Canton of Basel-Stadt since the start of the pandemic is made up of 1425 recoveries, 54 deaths and 399 active cases.

Diverse sources of infection

The current sources of infection are diverse, as follows: 573 new infections were registered in the Canton of Basel-Stadt during the past four weeks (period from 25 September 2020 until 22 October 2020). 30 percent (or 174 cases) of the new infections could be attributed to known or suspected sources of infection. Most people became infected within the family (20 percent) or when meeting family or friends (6 percent), during leisure time (28 percent), at work (17 percent), as well as on aeroplanes or when travelling (9 percent).

The situation in nursing homes is currently uneventful.

What should you do if you get a positive test result?

What can people do if they have received a positive test result and are waiting to be contacted by the contact tracing team? Cantonal physician Thomas Steffen: “The first thing you must do is obviously isolate yourself immediately. Then think about who you have been in very close contact with. It is helpful for us if you can let these close contact persons know before we contact you.[A1]  It speeds up all of the efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus”. The cantonal physician considers that, with the greatly increasing number of infections, we are now entering a phase of self-management where we can contribute to containing the pandemic with our behaviour.

The contact tracing team gives people with a positive test result the instructions from the Federal Office of Public Health (see below under Please note).

Many children currently in quarantine

This week more than 30 cases arose in schools, which required attention. A further nursery and a daycare facility have been affected since the most recent bulletin on Tuesday. A total of around 300 children are currently in quarantine in Basel-Stadt. They had been in contact with teachers or caregivers who had been ill. Quarantine measures are therefore currently affecting around 300 families.

In these cases, the cantonal medical services clarify who has been exposed to infection, how, and for how long, and who exactly needs to go into quarantine. Clarification, for example, as to whether quarantine is advisable for the whole class or daycare facility will take some time.

Please note:

Case numbers continue to be updated everyday on the website