Coronavirus: Restrictions for major events in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

21/10/2020 (14:00)
Press release
Department of Health

As of now, the Department of Health Basel-Stadt is limiting the number of people at major events to a maximum of 1000 people.

With this measure, the Department of Health is revisiting two previously granted approvals to hold major events in accordance with the Covid-19-Ordinance Special Situation, and issues a new condition limiting the number of attendees to a maximum of 1000. In the Canton of Basel-Stadt, FC Basel and a cultural event are affected. In the Canton of Basel-Stadt, the cantonal physician issues approvals for major events, along with the corresponding epidemiological guidelines. The Government of the Canton of Basel-Stadt was consulted and informed.

The restriction is due to several factors. The rising number of cases increases the risk of a superspreader event with far-reaching consequences. It is now essential to protect existing intervention systems such as contact tracing and healthcare, especially in hospitals. Contact tracing is now also under strain in the Canton of Basel-Stadt, but the cantonal medical service can still carry it out. Furthermore, new legal frameworks from the Federal Council are now in existence. Major events are now incompatible with the guidelines of the Federal Council of Sunday, 18 October 2020 forbidding gatherings of more than 15 people in public spaces. The safety policies in the stadia are good and effective. However, the difficulty is what happens outside of the stadia or venues before and after the games. The Department of Health would like to thank the organisers for their efforts and for their understanding.

The Department of Health will no longer be issuing any new approvals for major events with more than 1000 people until the end of the year and will monitor the epidemiological situation. Events with up to 1000 people are possible with the existing safety policies.