Amended cantonal Covid-19-Ordinance following Federal Council decision

21/10/2020 (11:45)
Department of Health

Amendments to the cantonal Covid-19-Ordinance Additional Measures were necessary following the Federal Council decision of 18 October 2020. The amended ordinance can be found here.

The Government made technical amendments to the ordinance on additional measures of the Canton of Basel-Stadt to combat the Covid-19 epidemic at its meeting on 20 October 2020. These had become necessary as the Federal Council had amended the Covid-19-Ordinance Special Situation on 18 October 2020.

The Government is taking this opportunity to draw the public’s attention to the most important measures for preventing infection: Maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres, regular handwashing and – where necessary – wearing a mask.

Please note:

Link to discussion of the cantonal ordinance in the Government incl. explanations
Consolidated ordinance, as of 21 October 2020
Changes made to the ordinance