Coronavirus: Tuesday bulletin on the case numbers in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

17/11/2020 (14:15)
Press release
Department of Health

As of Tuesday, 17 November 2020, 10.30, the Department of Health Basel-Stadt had recorded a total of 4151 positive cases among people living in the Canton of Basel-Stadt since the start of the pandemic, 1035 active cases in isolation and 650 people in quarantine. The 14-day notification rate per 100,000 residents is 679.

There have been 401 new infections (referred to as “active cases”) since Friday: 119 on Saturday, 94 on Sunday, 78 on Monday and 110 today, Tuesday.

Of the 1035 active cases, 101 residents of the Canton of Basel-Stadt are in hospital (as of Tuesday 17 November 2020, 14.00; as of last Friday: 84 residents). In addition, a further 44 people from outside the canton or abroad are in hospital in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. 145 people in total are being cared for in a Basel-Stadt hospital, 26 of whom require intensive care.

650 people from Basel are in quarantine, while the number of people in quarantine after returning from travelling is decreasing sharply and is still at 26 as of today. The total of 4151 infections in the Canton of Basel-Stadt since the start of the pandemic consists of 3058 recoveries, 58 deaths and 1035 active cases. Two deaths have been confirmed since the last bulleting on Friday. Two men with pre-existing risk conditions, aged 88 and 89 respectively, died in hospital.

Diverse sources of infection

The current sources of infection are diverse, as follows: 2419 new infections were recorded in the Canton of Basel-Stadt during the past four weeks (period from 20 October 2020 until 16 November 2020). 32 percent (or 768 cases) of the new infections could be attributed to known or suspected sources of infection. Most of them caught the infection from their own family (46 per cent) or when meeting with family or friends (11 per cent), at work (17 per cent) or during recreational activities (11 per cent).

As case numbers increase, there have also been Covid-19 infections in nursing home residents. 47 residents in nine different nursing homes have currently tested positive.

Please note:

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