Covid-19: Easter holidays relaxed, say police

13/04/2020 (13:40)
Press release
Department of Justice and Security

In the view of the Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police, the vast majority of Basel residents adhered very well to the conditions of the Federal Council Ordinance 2 on measures to combat coronavirus, even over the Easter holidays. The police have issued fines to 76 guilty people since Good Friday.

The Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police have been putting the emphasis on information and prevention since the crisis began. Police officers are talking to people who violate the conditions of the Federal Council Ordinance. Most of the people spoken to react with understanding. The police consistently fine those who act unreasonably and refuse to accept advice. Since the weekend before last, there has been an increased police presence in places where people might feel tempted to spend time during good weather. The police also followed the same procedure over the Easter holidays. In addition to their own findings, they also looked into reports from third parties and, where necessary, spoke to the persons concerned or issued a fine ...

Police officers have had to issue 76 fines during the past three days. The fines were not focused on any specific offences. The number of fines issued so far currently amounts to 653 – mostly for failure to adhere to social distancing regulations. The police have not had to deal with abnormally high levels of domestic violence incidents.