Implementation of more stringent measures against the coronavirus in Basel-Stadt

13/03/2020 (16:30)
Press release

Following today’s decision by the Federal Council relating to the coronavirus, the Government is taking more stringent measures. Schools and daycare facilities for children will remain closed from Monday, 16 March. Emergency childcare has been provided for. Museums and sports facilities in the canton will also remain closed from tomorrow, Saturday.

The whole of Europe, including Switzerland, is in a corona crisis. The Canton of Basel-Stadt has been severely affected. The canton has as many confirmed positive cases per head as the canton of Ticino. The first death in the canton was recorded yesterday. The number of positive cases and the number of deaths will continue to rise. The development of the Covid-19 virus is incredibly dynamic. The situation has continued to deteriorate during the recent days and hours, and is forcing the authorities to take more stringent measures in the fight against the epidemic.

The Government is in close contact with the federal authorities and supports the decisions taken by the Federal Council today. Overcoming this difficult situation will require a joint effort and solidarity among the population.

Schools and childcare
All schools in the Canton of Basel-Stadt will remain closed from Monday, 16 March 2020, until the spring break. Closures will affect all state and private nurseries, primary and secondary schools. The Government has decided that the measures will also include daycare facilities for children, and playgroups. The Canton of Basel-Stadt will only be offering childcare (from infants to children up until the end of compulsory education) for parents or guardians who work in healthcare professions or who have other unavoidable work commitments and who cannot organise any other childcare. This exception also applies in emergency situations where only grandparents are able to provide care. The children of these parents or guardians will go to their normal school or daycare facility on Monday. All other children will remain at home. In the middle of the coming week, the Department of Education will communicate detailed information about the measures that will be taken to keep the rest of school education running (final papers, e-learning, etc.). In this context, the Government is calling upon business to show goodwill and solidarity to any staff with caring obligations, especially regarding their obligation to continue to pay wages.

The Federal Council has resolved to impose more stringent restrictions on events. Meetings of 100 or more persons are banned. Restaurants are not allowed to accommodate more than 50 persons. These restrictions also apply to the Canton of Basel-Stadt with immediate effect.

Public administration
The government has decided to close museums and sports facilities in the canton from tomorrow, Saturday. Cantonal administration is otherwise guaranteed to run as normal.

The directive of the Federal Council applies to private leisure businesses, museums and sports centres (maximum 100 people, with adherence to the prescribed preventive measures).