Changes affecting schools in connection with COVID-19

12/03/2020 (10:00)
Press release
Department of Education

The Federal Office of Public Health has lifted recommendations for people returning from holiday. It no longer defines any areas as being particularly affected and is reducing the duration of self-quarantine from 14 to 5 days. This will affect the everyday running of schools in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

It means that from next Monday, 16 March, all pupils will return to school. The Canton of Basel-Stadt is therefore acting in accordance with the national overall strategy of the Federal Office of Public Health. The rules for pupils who feel unwell obviously will not change: Pupils who have the symptoms of a cold (fever or appearing visibly unwell, not just minimal signs of a cold) should remain at home.

There is a new regulation cancelling all school camps and all school trips in Switzerland and abroad for the time being, until the spring break. This regulation aims to avoid possible outbreaks of the disease in camp situations where they would be more difficult to control. This also ensures that school classes are not affected by any travel restrictions.

Parents, pupils and teachers will be given detailed information about these changes through various channels during the next two days.