Coronavirus: The general situation in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

09/03/2020 (13:00)
Press release
Department of Health

The Department of Health of the Canton of Basel-Stadt is expecting a further increase in positive cases in the canton. It is also expecting further healthcare facilities to be affected. It became known on Sunday that Rehab Basel had been affected.

An overall increase in cases is being seen in Europe and Switzerland. The Department of Health is also expecting the number of cases in the Canton of Basel-Stadt to keep rising and asks the population to be aware that dozens more people will test positive for the coronavirus.

Health facilities in the Canton of Basel-Stadt will also be affected. It came to light on Sunday that Rehab Basel, a specialised clinic for neurorehabilitation and paraplegiology, has been affected. One female patient and one male patient at Rehab Basel tested positive. They have since been returned to their referring hospitals and are in isolation. The department concerned was temporarily closed and is currently being cleaned. Nine employees have so far tested positive. They are all in quarantine at home. They have normal cold symptoms and are doing as well as can be expected given the circumstances.

Cantonal physician Thomas Steffen believes that more healthcare facilities will be affected by positive cases.

Cantonal physician Thomas Steffen is calling upon residents of all ages to follow the code of conduct of the Federal Office of Public Health and the Basel-Stadt campaign #SeifenBoss and, in particular, to follow the recommendations for visitors to hospitals, clinics and nursing homes (see Department of Health press release of 6 March 2020). The codes of conduct are there to protect everybody, but especially vulnerable people. Everybody can do their bit to limit the further spread of the coronavirus.

Please note:
As of today, the website now features a link to the map of the Federal Office of Public Health showing the number of positive cases for Basel-Stadt.