Coronavirus: Support measures for the Basel-Stadt economy - current status

08/04/2020 (17:14)
Press release
Department for the Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs

The COVID-19 measures have resulted in the Canton of Basel-Stadt being confronted with a multitude of requests for financial support.

The Office of Economy and Labour (AWA) has received more than 4,000 applications for short-time working compensation for tens of thousands of employees. For companies headquartered in the Canton of Basel-Stadt, employees means taking into consideration the company’s employees across the whole of Switzerland. Of the more than 4,000 requests, it has so far been possible to pass on 3,400 to the Public Unemployment Insurance Fund for payment. Applications can now also be made by managing partners of GmbHs and joint-stock companies.

Furthermore, the Basel-Stadt compensation office [Ausgleichskasse] has received 3,153 requests for compensation for loss of earnings. It has since been possible to process 725 of them. Other requests have also been submitted to bodies other than the cantonal compensation office.

The support measure from the Canton of Basel-Stadt for self-employed people who, despite having lost income because of the Federal Government’s COVID-19 measures, are entitled neither to short-time working compensation nor to compensation for loss of earnings, has also been running since 1 April. A total of 720 applications have been received since the programme began.