The Government appeals to people to stay at home over Easter

07/04/2020 (14:00)
Press release

Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner. Many people are used to going on day trips or holidays at this time of year. This year, the Government is calling on people not to go away. If at all possible, the people of Basel-Stadt are supposed to stay at home.

Basel-Stadt is on the right track. Infections are increasing less rapidly. However, we are still a long way off being given the all clear. Many new cases of infection are still being registered every day. The situation could deteriorate again at any time.

The Government is calling upon the people of Basel-Stadt to stay at home, not to go on any trips and not to travel to their holiday apartment, even if the weather warms up and especially at Easter. Last but not least, people should not visit their holiday apartments out of solidarity with the residents of the holiday destinations. It is important to relax, so walks in the fresh air should also be possible. However, people must adhere to the codes of conduct.

The measures passed still apply: Stay at home, keep two metres’ distance from other people if you are out, do not meet up in groups of more than five people. People are allowed to go for walks in parks, on the banks of the Rhine and in squares. Picnics and barbecues are banned in public spaces. We need to be patient.

The solidarity that has been shown in Basel during these weeks lifts the spirits. Most people are pulling in the same direction and following the rules. Many neighbourhood initiatives have been set up. The Government would like to thank the residents for their support. It is important to look out for people who are particularly at risk. Above all, the hospitals, nurses and doctors must not be overwhelmed otherwise we could see a rapid and dramatic escalation of the situation.


Please watch the President’s video message at: (in German)