Coronavirus: Friday bulletin on case numbers in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

06/11/2020 (14:10)
Press release
Department of Health

As of Friday, 06 November 2020, 09.15, the Department of Health Basel-Stadt had recorded a total of 3076 positive cases among people living in the Canton of Basel-Stadt since the start of the pandemic, 796 active cases in isolation and 743 people in quarantine. The 14-day notification rate per 100,000 residents is 567. It has been possible to largely overcome the bottleneck in the contact tracing team. The team is now able to also begin directly supporting close contact persons of infected individuals again.

There have been 279 new infections (referred to as “active cases”) since the last bulletin on Tuesday: 107 on Wednesday, 106 on Thursday and 63 today, Friday.

Of the 796 active cases, 52 residents of the Canton of Basel-Stadt are in hospital (as of Friday 06 November 2020, 14.00; as of last Tuesday: 48 residents). In addition, a further 34 people from outside the canton or abroad are in hospital in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. 86 people in total are being cared for in a Basel-Stadt hospital, 15 of whom require intensive care. Given the extent to which urgent Covid treatments are increasing, plannable and non-urgent operations are now being scaled back. This has already been done in the Canton of Basel-Stadt, in agreement with the hospitals and the Canton of Basel-Landschaft.

There has been a marked decrease in the number of people in quarantine: 743 people from Basel are in quarantine, 671 of whom are close contact persons of infected individuals and 72 of whom have returned from travelling. The total of 3076 infections in the Canton of Basel-Stadt since the start of the pandemic consists of 2224 recoveries, 56 deaths and 796 active cases. The Department of Health has to announce two deaths: An 88-year-old man and a 92-year-old man have died. Both had pre-existing conditions. One death occurred in a nursing home, the other in a hospital.

Diverse sources of infection

The current sources of infection are diverse, as follows: 1660 new infections were recorded in the Canton of Basel-Stadt during the past four weeks (period from 09 October 2020 until 05 November 2020). 26 percent (or 439 cases) of the new infections could be attributed to known or suspected sources of infection. Most people became infected within their family (34 percent) or when meeting family or friends (7 percent), during leisure time (19 percent), at work (18 percent), as well as on aeroplanes or when travelling (5 percent).

As case numbers increase, there have also been Covid-19 infections in nursing home residents. Eleven residents in various nursing homes have currently tested positive.

Contact tracing bottleneck overcome

The Department of Health has largely been able to overcome the bottleneck in contact tracing, and can now resume making contact by telephone with the close contact persons of infected individuals. These people are now increasingly receiving direct and personal support from the contact tracing team when they are in quarantine. The CovidCare App is also still in use.

In schools, teachers and parents of classes where a child or teacher has tested positive still receive a letter from child and adolescent health services [Kinder- und Jugendgesundheitsdienst]. Depending on the situation, the school management itself will directly inform the parents and teachers of classes that have a person in quarantine.

Please note:
Case numbers continue to be updated every day on the website