Ban on organised Fasnacht Carnival events: Level of acceptance high, say police

05/03/2020 (10:55)
Press release
Department of Justice and Security

According to the police, the people of Basel – especially guests intending to join the Fasnacht Carnival – have been good at adhering to the official measures to tackle the coronavirus during the past three days. Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police would like to thank everybody for the self-restraint they have shown in light of the cancellation of events organised for the Fasnacht Carnival. This has contributed to slowing the spread of the virus.

As already communicated last Friday, the Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police prudently implemented the ban on events organised for the Fasnacht Carnival. Dialogue and the appeal for reason and personal responsibility were at the forefront. Where necessary, police officers spoke to guests intending to join the Fasnacht Carnival and asked for their understanding that the event cannot go ahead. People were willing to listen and understand, and the police received nothing but positive feedback, including about the flyer they handed out giving the rules of conduct.

The police did not have to issue any fines or report any prospective carnival goers. The recent nights also didn’t stand out with regard to complaints about noise. The operations centre of the Cantonal Police only received very occasional calls about noise in relation to the cancelled Fasnacht Carnival. However, the Cantonal Police did have to report a total of four bars to the building and catering inspectorate [Bau- und Gastgewerbeinspektorat] because the people in charge did not adhere to the conditions.

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