- new support offer for the population

02/04/2020 (11:05)
Department of Health

“Gsünder Basel” and the Department of Health of the Canton of Basel-Stadt are launching a new website to promote health during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Federal Council’s measures to tackle coronavirus are also impacting upon the well-being of the population: Support offers in the health and well-being sector, such as exercise and relaxation classes or fitness activities, are no longer available because the facilities that hosted them are closed. People are also still being urged to work from home and not to leave the house if possible. This has severely limited opportunities for exercise and social contact.

Against this background, “Gsünder Basel”, in cooperation with the Department of Health of the Canton of Basel-Stadt is launching a free support offer for the people of Basel during the coronavirus pandemic. The aim is to improve staying power and to keep people physically and mentally healthy. At the heart of this new offer is the website that has been online since Thursday. Along with information about coronavirus, support offers that are already in place will be announced. Every week there will be as many as ten new courses with exercise and relaxation tuition videos that are available to download for free so that people can join in, as well as new recipes every day and regular tips to banish boredom. The website is dynamic and will continue to grow with time. People can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter with the latest support offers.

The new support offer is particularly aimed at pensioners, people who live alone and families with children who are particularly hard hit by the measures enforced to tackle coronavirus and for whom the pandemic is an especially challenging time.