Coronavirus: Number of cases tested and update on the daycare facility in Riehen

02/03/2020 (12:50)
Press release
Department of Health

The Department of Health Basel-Stadt is issuing an update on cases of coronavirus tested at the University Hospital Basel and on the situation of children and families at the affected daycare facility in Riehen. As of 10.00 am on Monday, 2 March 2020, the Canton of Basel-Stadt still has one positively confirmed case. 

As of 10.00 am today, Monday 2 March 2020, the University Hospital Basel has conducted 235 tests. Two thirds of the tests were for people living in Basel-Stadt. One third of the tests concerned people living outside the canton or outside Switzerland. Of the 235 tests carried out, four were positive, with one case in the Canton of Basel-Stadt (see press release of Thursday, 27 February 2020, Riehen daycare facility) and three cases involving people living outside the canton. 69 test results are still awaited.

Update on the daycare facility case in Riehen

The Department of Health is still in daily contact with the affected families in quarantine. As of today, Monday, 2 March 2020, 10.00 am, there have been no further positive cases among the families in quarantine. The six children who were tested after falling ill have a seasonal flu and are not infected with the coronavirus. The chances are now increasing daily that the steps taken at the daycare facility have made it possible to prevent an uncontrolled outbreak of the coronavirus.

A total of 221 persons are now in quarantine in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

All of the information relating to the coronavirus in the Canton of Basel-Stadt can be found on Along with press releases, news reports can also be found online on this website.