Coronavirus: Keep going

01/04/2020 (10:00)
Department of Health

In this week’s Basilisk Fokus, Radio Basilisk together with the Department of Health is reporting on the topic of the week “Coronavirus: Hold on”.

In cooperation with the Department of Health of the Canton of Basel-Stadt, Radio Basilisk will be keeping listeners informed about the latest issues surrounding coronavirus, at 11.45 every day from Monday to Friday. The aim of this focus week is to support the people of Basel in the current phase of enduring the crisis. The series began on Monday with an interview with State Councillor Lukas Engelberger. “We are in a stable situation. However, we don’t know whether this epidemic is being particularly kind to us or whether the worst is yet to come”, he said. He is nevertheless confident and thanked the people of Basel for their impressive and disciplined behaviour: “We all need to keep pulling in the same direction – then it will all be good!”, continues the Head of the Department of Health.

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