Federal Government Covid-19 measures: Effects in Basel-Stadt

24/02/2021 (16:30)
Press release

The Government of the Canton of Basel-Stadt welcomes the measures passed by the Federal Council and has passed the adaptations necessary to implement them in the canton. These measures will, for example, lead to relaxations in sport and open child and youth work from 1 March. On the other hand, a sharp rise in quarantine cases before the Fasnacht Carnival holidays has necessitated additional protective measures at elementary schools. Compulsory mask wearing will therefore be introduced for pupils in the 5th and 6th primary school classes when school starts next Monday.

The Federal Council’s two-phase relaxations mean that shops, museums and library reading rooms will be able to open again from 1 March, along with the outdoor spaces of zoos and botanic gardens and sport and leisure facilities. Private outdoor events for up to 15 people will be possible again. The Federal Government has announced the second relaxation phase for 22 March. At this point, the Canton of Basel-Stadt will apply the relaxation measures announced for the second phase at cantonal level, if the epidemiological situation allows.

Opening of meeting places for children and young people

From 1 March, sports activities and matches will be permitted again for young people born in 2001 or later. There will also be no restrictions on training for new regional talent in competitive youth sports. Open child and youth work offers are also permitted again with some restrictions. Meeting places for children and young people can open. The effects of coronavirus restrictions have been especially drastic for children and young people. The Government is pleased that this has been taken into account and that relaxations for young people are coming.

Fewer quarantine cases thanks to compulsory mask-wearing in the 5th and 6th primary school classes

Because of the extended quarantine obligation for infections with the mutated coronavirus, around 5 percent of all pupils and teachers and specialist staff at primary school level were affected by quarantine orders before the Fasnacht Carnival holidays. The Government passed additional measures for elementary schools in order to maintain face-to-face lessons at the schools and to reduce the number of quarantine orders. Compulsory mask wearing is therefore being introduced in the 5th and 6th primary school classes. Compulsory physical education at secondary schools, higher secondary schools and vocational colleges is still only permitted as alternative physical education. This avoids classes mixing in the cloakroom area for example. Testing will also be intensified in the event of any outbreaks in schools.