Coronavirus: Personal letter about vaccination for people aged 75 and over

19/01/2021 (14:15)
Press release
Department of Health

The Canton of Basel-Stadt wishes to ensure that the vaccination programme against coronavirus is accessible to the oldest members of society and to make it even more accessible for this population group. The Department of Health is therefore sending all residents of the Canton of Basel-Stadt who are aged 75 or older a personal letter with information about Covid-19 vaccination from today, Tuesday, 19 January 2021. In particular, the aim is to help people who don’t have internet access to be able to book a vaccination appointment. Second vaccinations also began on schedule this week in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

The vaccination programme against coronavirus began in the Canton of Basel-Stadt on Monday, 28 December 2020 in the vaccination centre in Messe Basel. Unfortunately, all cantons currently only have very limited amounts of the vaccine. At the same time, demand is enormous. It is currently not possible to vaccinate all people who are eligible for the vaccine.

In order to guarantee and increase the accessibility of the vaccination programme for the oldest members of society, the Department of Health will send all residents of the Canton of Basel-Stadt who are aged 75 and over a personal letter with information about Covid-19 vaccination, during the next two weeks. That’s over 22,000 letters. By doing this, the canton wants to ensure that the oldest population group really is reached and that everybody has the chance to book a vaccination appointment, especially those people without internet access. The letter does not apply to people who have already been vaccinated or who have already booked a vaccination appointment. The letters are sent out randomly, rather than in alphabetical order. The first letters will be sent today, Tuesday, 19 January 2021 and the last ones on 29 January 2021.

Department of Health highly recommends vaccination

Along with the Basel medical and pharmaceutical associations, the Department of Health Basel-Stadt highly recommends vaccination. It protects against the sometimes serious effects of coronavirus. Vaccinations against coronavirus are voluntary and free. People will be given a consultation prior to receiving a vaccination at the Basel-Stadt vaccination centre. A short rest is planned once the vaccine has been given and entered into the vaccination certificate. In addition to the specialist medical staff who administer the vaccine, a doctor will also act as a point of contact at the vaccination centre.

The start of second vaccinations in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

Second vaccinations began in the Canton of Basel-Stadt this week. People who received their first vaccination at the end of December 2020 are receiving the second vaccination on 18, 19 and 20 January 2021. Yesterday, Monday, 623 people received their second vaccination and are therefore now fully protected by the vaccine. As of Monday, 18 January 2021, a total of 7850 vaccinations have been administered in the Canton of Basel-Stadt (7227 first vaccinations and 623 second vaccinations). 7192 vaccinations were administered in the vaccination centre in Messe Basel and 658 were administered by mobile vaccination teams in care and nursing homes.

The Department of Health Basel-Stadt is assuming that less vaccine will be made available in the coming days and weeks and that there will be fewer new time slots for vaccinations as a result. Cantonal Pharmacist Esther Ammann: “We would like to ask people to be patient and to understand that there will be a wait. There is still much more demand for vaccination appointments than there are appointments.” Vaccination appointments that have already been booked will obviously go ahead.