Federal Government Covid-19 measures: Effects in Basel-Stadt

14/04/2021 (17:46)
Press release

The Federal Council today passed further relaxation steps, including opening of outdoor seating at restaurants on 19 April 2021. The Government of the Canton of Basel-Stadt welcomes this cautious approach despite the currently delicate epidemiological situation. In order to avoid an uncontrolled rise in local infection figures, the Government of the Canton of Basel-Stadt is planning extra measures in hotspots.

Many people in the region are looking forward to eating and drinking in the outdoor seating areas of Basel’s restaurants and bars again. Since the risk of infection with coronavirus is still present, safety policies and hygiene measures still need to be adhered to in order to protect the health of diners and staff.

To prevent an uncontrolled rise in local infection figures in areas that are known to be hotspots, the Government of the Canton of Basel-Stadt has passed a new paragraph in the cantonal Covid-19-Ordinance. In accordance with the new § 3d (Additional Measures), the cantonal physician can order special protective measures in hotspots, in particular general compulsory mask wearing in the local area or a local ban on consuming food and beverages on common ground. These special protective measures are planned for Steinenvorstadt from Monday. Food and beverages may not be consumed on common ground outside of the designated bar and restaurant areas in Steinenvorstadt. The authorities would like to thank the restaurants and patrons for adhering to the safety policies and guidelines including those requiring them to remain seated.

This regulation will initially apply until 31 May 2021.