Rules for Fasnacht Carnival 2021

12/02/2021 (10:00)
Press release

The regulations in accordance with the Federal Council Ordinance on Measures during the Special Situation to Combat the COVID-19 Epidemic also apply from 22 until 24 February 2021, the “drei scheenschte Dääg”, three most beautiful days. Because of this, activities that result in public attendance and gatherings of people are banned. This affects the Basel Fasnacht Carnival with its public processions, events and performances. The Government regrets that the Fasnacht Carnival as it has been in previous years will not be possible under these circumstances. As it did for the Fasnacht Carnival 2020, the Government asks the public to work together in solidarity to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The federal ordinance that is in force across the whole of Switzerland currently still only permits cultural activities under extremely limited circumstances and without an audience. It also prohibits gatherings of more than five people. All Fasnacht Carnival events, such as carnival processions or brass band concerts, are therefore banned. Masks are compulsory in busy pedestrianised areas. Distancing and hygiene regulations must also be followed.

Fasnacht Carnival activities such as “Gässle” or “Ständeli” are therefore not possible in the city under these circumstances. Outdoor lantern displays are only allowed if they are limited to five people and if mask-wearing and distancing regulations are consistently adhered to. Public performance of Schnitzelbank songs is banned, including outdoors. Finally, celebrating Fasnacht in the bars is also forbidden: Restaurants, bars and clubs will stay closed. Take-aways are permitted between 06.00 and 23.00.

Traffic, including public transport, will continue to circulate as normal in Basel city centre from 22 to 24 February 2021. There will not be any special traffic regulations. The cantonal administration will work as normal. The police will monitor adherence to regulations with the necessary sense of proportion.

The Government appeals to carnival goers and the public to take responsibility for the health of all of us and not to take part in any Fasnacht activities, so that we can overcome this crisis and so that Fasnacht Carnival can again be how we would like it to be in the future. The Fasnachts-Comité supports the Government’s line. The Comité also regrets that no Fasnacht activities will be able to take place in the city’s streets and lanes in 2021. As an alternative, it suggests the Fasnacht walk (17/2 – 5/3), that the Jungen Garden [junior sections of a carnival clique] have created. It asks participants to adhere to the Covid ordinance and to not endanger the health of the population.