Change in vaccination statistics

10/05/2021 (11:15) - News
Department of Health

Vaccination statistics were revised today, 10 May 2021. The statistics now also show vaccinations administered in Basel-Stadt hospitals to their healthcare workers. The total number of vaccinations administered so far therefore jumps by around 7,000 further vaccinations in one go.

Today, Monday, 10 May 2021, the data set on SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations administered in the Canton of Basel-Stadt (, which is updated daily on the cantonal data portal, will be fed from a new source. The Federal Office of Public Health’s Vaccination Monitoring Data Lake (VMDL) will now be used.

Thanks to this switch, vaccination doses administered by the Basel-Stadt hospitals to their healthcare workers can now also be shown and added to the total. Around 7,000 extra vaccinations can therefore now be shown in the statistics. To this end, three new columns were added to the data set schema (vaccinations_administered_in_hospital_per_day, individuals_vaccinated_with_the_first_dose_in_hospital_per_day, individuals_vaccinated_with_the_second_dose_in_hospital_per_day) [im_spital_verabreichte_impfungen_pro_tag, im_spital_mit_erster_dosis_geimpfte_personen_pro_tag, im_spital_mit_zweiter_dosis_geimpfte_personen_pro_tag].

Due to the change in data source, it is no longer possible to differentiate between vaccinations administered by mobile teams and vaccinations administered in the vaccination centre. They will be added retroactively. The column names were not changed.

There were also retrospective changes in the daily values due to the change in source.