Vaccinations in Basel-Stadt: First appointments for vaccination group 5

06/05/2021 (14:30)
Press release
Department of Health

Today, the Department of Health Basel-Stadt will be making the first appointments for vaccination group 5 available to 50-65-year-olds. On Tuesday, another 4,100 vaccination doses were delivered to hospitals for vaccinating staff who have contact with patients.

Vaccinations are continuing to progress in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. The first age groups in group 5 (all individuals) are now eligible for vaccination. Today, around 5,000 appointments are being allocated to people aged between 50 and 65* years old. The appointments are allocated according to registration date.

The under 50s* will then be invited to get their vaccination. Appointments for the under-50s in group 5 are also allocated by registration date. Priority will therefore be given to people who registered early.

Any late registrations received from particularly high risk individuals (e.g. those aged 65 or over, at-risk individuals) will still be allocated an appointment quickly.

On Tuesday, the hospitals received 4,100 additional vaccination doses in order to be able to vaccinate more staff who have contact with patients. The Department of Health believes it is important that only staff in direct contact with patients are vaccinated for the time being. Vaccinating all staff in hospitals, including administrative personnel, some of whom live in other cantons, would mean that the residential population would have to wait even longer for vaccination due to the large number of hospitals in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

General practitioners, paediatricians, dentists, pharmacists, staff in outpatient practices, Spitex staff, physiotherapists and other outpatient care professionals will be vaccinated this coming weekend, 8 and 9 May 2021. A further 3,500 vaccinations will be administered. This comes after 2,230 healthcare staff were vaccinated last Saturday, 1 May 2021.

Vaccination group 3 (close contact with particularly high-risk individuals) will no longer be treated as a priority so as not to disadvantage people from vaccination group 5 who have been registering without any specific comments since the beginning of March. Appointments went to people in vaccination group 3 who registered a long time ago. Doctors can directly register urgent cases among patients or close contacts of particularly high-risk individuals.

With the delivery quantities forecast by the Federal Office of Public Health, we can still assume that all residents of Basel who wish to be vaccinated will have had a vaccination or received a vaccination appointment by the middle of 2021.

Please note:

*Date of birth is decisive for allocation of appointments if appointments are prioritised according to age and/or if an age cut-off is being applied