Coronavirus: Government extends entitlement to financial hardship support to cover more businesses

05/01/2021 (10:00)
Press release
Department of Health

Suppliers of restaurants and hotels in Basel-Stadt, as well as businesses with facilities for leisure activities may also apply for financial hardship support with immediate effect. They will therefore also benefit from the cantonal scheme for businesses that have been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus crisis. The scheme was set up by the Government at the end of October especially for businesses in the restaurant trade, hotel industry and tourism industries.

With immediate effect, businesses that generate the majority of their turnover from sales to the restaurant trade and hotel industry in Basel-Stadt can now also apply for hardship assistance, as can businesses that operate facilities for leisure activities. This includes fitness centres, dance studios, indoor climbing facilities or similar businesses. They have also been hit with considerable losses in turnover and are struggling to cover on-going fixed costs.

The canton is assisting Basel-based businesses in the form of financial contributions to cushion the economical losses caused by the coronavirus crisis. This is based on the Covid-19-Ordinance support for the hotel industry and restaurant trade of 27 October 2020. Businesses in the hotel industry and restaurant trade and in the spheres of tour operation and travel agency, coach trips, fairs and market trading, conference organisation, trade fairs and trade fair construction, as well as media and event technology for exhibitions and events are so far entitled to apply.

The support programme has been running since 23 November 2020 and payments have been made since the beginning of December 2020. The canton is putting in a total of 25.45 million francs from the cantonal fund for tackling unemployment for financial hardship support. The contribution is increased if an application also satisfies the Federal Government’s criteria for hardship. Together with the funds earmarked by the Federal Government, 74.5 million francs are available as part of the Basel-Stadt financial aid programme. (See the press releases on this subject: und

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