Coronavirus: Tuesday bulletin on the case numbers in the Canton of Basel-Stadt

04/05/2021 (14:15)
Press release
Department of Health

As of Tuesday, 4 May 2021, 10.20, the Department of Health Basel-Stadt had recorded a total of 12,155 positive cases among people living in the Canton of Basel-Stadt since the start of the pandemic, 414 active cases in isolation and 707 people in quarantine. The 7-day notification rate per 100,000 residents is 170 (CH: 106), the 14-day notification rate is 362 (CH: 273). Yesterday Basel-Stadt passed the milestone of 20,000 people having been fully protected with the first and second vaccination. In total 59,839 vaccination doses have so far been administered in Basel-Stadt. The Department of Health has also commented on uncertainties expressed on social media about the so-called “Wait SMS” (“Warte SMS”) for people who have registered for vaccination.

Occurrence of infection in the Canton of Basel-Stadt: Of the 414 active cases, 34 residents of the Canton of Basel-Stadt are in hospital. In addition, 20 people from outside the canton or abroad are being treated in hospital in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Of the total of 54 people in hospital, eleven require intensive care.

The total of 12,155 cases of infection in the Canton of Basel-Stadt since the start of the pandemic consists of 11,542 recoveries, 199 deaths and 414 active cases. There have been 177 new cases of infection since the last bulletin on Friday, 30 April 2021. No further people have died of the consequences of Covid-19. No residents of care and nursing homes in Basel-Stadt are currently ill with Covid-19.

Status of vaccinations

As of yesterday, Monday 3 May 2021, a total of 59,839 vaccinations had been given in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. 20,003 people have been fully vaccinated with the first and second vaccination. A total of 9,050 vaccinations were administered from Tuesday, 27 April up to and including Monday, 3 May 2021. On 1 May, 2,230 doses were used to inoculate healthcare workers with patient contact (vaccination group 2b).

43,211 people have pre-registered for vaccination. In addition, a further 29,804 people have a pre-arranged vaccination appointment at the vaccination centre.

Yesterday, Monday, evening, a response to a user question about “Wait SMS” caused uncertainty on social media and revealed that not enough “Wait SMS” messages had been sent to people who had already registered for vaccination. Investigations carried out in the meantime revealed the following: The plan had been to send a “Wait SMS” every 21 days. The vaccine delivery bottlenecks occurred at the same time, making it difficult to forecast the allocation of new vaccination appointments for a long time, so the intention was to extend this pattern. This didn’t work and evidently only a minority of preregistered people have received a “Wait SMS”.

The Canton of Basel-Stadt uses Federal Government software. The Department of Health has since been in contact with the software manufacturer in order to resolve the situation and improve it for the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Since a lot of people were unsure whether they were actually registered, SMS messages were sent this morning to the aforementioned over 43,000 people who do not have an appointment yet but who have registered and are therefore on the waiting list.

Please note:

Case numbers continue to be updated every day on the website The latest vaccination figures can be found on the Basel-Stadt data portal.