Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. I have symptoms of illness. How should I proceed?

If you have signs of Covid-19, especially if you have conctact with vulnerable persons (e.g. elderly and pregnant women), get tested. Do not use the self-test for this, as it is not reliable enough. Until you receive the result, we recommend that you avoid contact with other people and wear a mask for all contact. 

In case of a positive test result, please follow our recommendations, see page Positive test.

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2. When should I get tested?

We recommend that you get tested at least once by PCR or rapid antigen test, if you have signs of Covid-19 or after contact with a person infected with Covid-19, especially if you have contact with vulnerable persons (e.g. elderly and pregnant women). Self-tests should not be used for this purpose as they are too inaccurate.

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3. Who pays for the test?

In case of symptoms or after contact with an infected person, the test costs are covered by the federal government. Self-testing is not recommended in these cases and the costs are not covered by the federal government.

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4. Who is my contact person for medical questions?

If your state of health deteriorates, you should contact your family doctor. If he or she is not available, contact the Medical Emergency Call Center (Tel. 061 261 15 15), in emergencies contact the ambulance service (Tel. 144).

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5. How should I behave so that I do not infect other people?

Please check under the site Positive test.

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6. Which other persons must be informed by the infected person?

It is recommendet to inform a vulnerable persons (e.g. elderly and pregnant women) after having close contact (> 15min, < 1.5m, without mask).

In this way, this person can keep a good eye out for signs of illness and go for testing if necessary.

For further information see page Positive test.

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7. Do I have to continue to adhere to the applicable hygiene and behavioural rules after recovery?

Since a new infection with the coronavirus and further transmission is possible even after having had the illness, the generally applicable regulations continue to apply to you. We therefore ask you to continue to adhere to the distance and hygiene recommendations.

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8. Which confirmations do I receive from the cantonal medical service?

Since the lifting of the isolation and quarantine obligation, only a confirmation of the positive test result is sent by the cantonal medical service. After illness, you can have a certificate of recovery issued. Unfortunately, we cannot issue an additional "immunity certificate". See our Covid certificate page for further information.

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10. I am planning a (flight) trip and need to present a negative PCR test. Will I receive an immunity confirmation if the test continues to be positive after my illness?

PCR tests can remain positive for several weeks after illness, even if you are no longer contagious. After becoming ill, you can get a certificate of recovery. For further information see our Covid certificate page. Unfortunately, we cannot issue an additional "immunity confirmation".

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11. Do I need to be retested after my Covid-19 disease?

No, retesting after your symptoms have stopped is not recommended. Test results can remain positive for some time after infection without making you infectious to others. 

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