Isolation and quarantine

Repeal of the Covid-19 ordinance special situation as of 01.04.2022

With the Federal Council decision of 30.03.2022 the remaining measures of the Covid-19 ordinance are repealed. Thus, as of 01.04.2022, the isolation obligation for the general population for persons who tested positive ceased to apply.

What does isolation mean?
Isolation means being ill and secluding oneself to prevent further spread of the disease.
Even after the general isolation obligation has been lifted, persons may be isolated, e.g. in health institutions, to protect other vulnerable persons.

What does quarantine mean?
Quarantine means precautionary isolation after contact with an infected person. You have no symptoms, but you could be infected and already be contagious yourself. The contact quarantine has been lifted throughout Switzerland since 03.02.2022.