Booster Vaccination

On 26 October 2021, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, Swissmedic, approved the Moderna and Pfizer/Biontec vaccines for use in particularly at-risk individuals as coronavirus booster vaccinations. The Swiss Committee on Vaccination Issues (Eidgenössischen Kommission für Impffragen (EKIF)) also announced a recommendation on 26 October 2021 for people aged 65 and over but especially for those aged 75 and over. According to EKIF, booster vaccinations should be given six months after the second vaccination at the earliest. Preparations for the booster vaccinations have been underway for some time in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. The oldest population group should still have the best possible protection against becoming seriously ill with Covid-19.

Residents of care and nursing homes in the Canton of Basel-Stadt will be vaccinated on site by mobile teams from 4 November 2021. The Department of Health sent a letter to care and nursing homes notifying them of this in October. The process will be the same as for the first and second vaccinations.

For people aged 65 and over, booster vaccinations against coronavirus will begin in the vaccination centre of the Canton of Basel-Stadt from 15 November 2021, i.e. straight after the national vaccination week from 8 to 14 November 2021. People can register via the website from 4 November 2021. Appointments should be allocated with short waiting times of just a few weeks. Booster vaccinations with the Moderna vaccine have already been available in some medical practices and pharmacies since 8 November 2021 – people who are interested are asked to ask their medical practice or pharmacy about the offer.

Like the first and second vaccinations, booster vaccinations are administered at the centrally located cantonal vaccination centre at Messe Basel, as well as in medical practices and pharmacies. People who wish to receive a booster vaccination must bring their health insurance card and official proof of identity to the appointment. It is also helpful to bring your vaccination certificate. Vaccination against coronavirus is voluntary and free.

The third vaccination is different from the booster vaccination. The third vaccination is given as part of basic immunisation and is approved for people with immunodeficiency. More information about third vaccinations can be found at: