Basel at home

With the website “Gsünder Basel” and the Department of Health of the Canton of Basel-Stadt are providing a new support offer for the people of Basel during the coronavirus pandemic. The aim is to improve staying power and to keep people physically and mentally healthy.

Existing support offers are announced on the website. Every week there will be as many as ten new courses with exercise and relaxation tuition videos that are available to download for free so that people can join in, as well as new recipes every day and regular tips to banish boredom. People can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter with the latest support offers.

This new offer from “Gsünder Basel” and the Department of Health is particularly aimed at pensioners, people who live alone and families with children who are especially affected by the measures taken by the Federal Council to tackle coronavirus.

Visit the website:


You can find additional support offers on platforms such as:

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