Dealing with waste

The Civil Engineering Department [Tiefbauamt] Basel-Stadt is collecting rubbish bags as normal. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) also recommends that households with people who are ill or in quarantine do not separate waste. The following applies to everyone: If possible, store your recyclable waste at home and only visit waste collection points when absolutely necessary. 

In accordance with guidelines from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the Civil Engineering Department recommends that Basel households collect waste such as used masks, tissues, sanitary products and paper towels in plastic bags. These plastic bags should then be tied, but not squashed down, and put straight into a rubbish bin with a rubbish bag and lid. 

No waste separation for households with coronavirus

To reduce the risk of infection, households where somebody is ill or in quarantine should not separate their waste. Waste such as PET bottles, aluminium cans and waste paper, etc. can be disposed of with normal rubbish. Households should also not put waste in their garden waste bin or compost, but dispose of it with their general waste.

Avoid visiting waste collection points if necessary

The Civil Engineering Department Basel-Stadt will continue to operate public collection points for glass and aluminium/tin. Residents should only visit collection points when it is absolutely necessary. Non-perishable and clean waste, such as glass bottles or cans, can in many places be stored at home for the time being. The codes of conduct of the FOPH also apply to the collection points. 

Links: Recommendations from the Federal Government to the cantons for waste disposal during the extraordinary situation caused by coronavirus: (in German)